Do Kwon Interpol

Some two weeks following the warrant for the arrest of Do Kwon in South Korea, Interpol has now issued a “Red Notice” – request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and capture the Terraform Labs co-founder.

Do Kwon and five of his associates are wanted in connection to Terra’s market crash, which took place in May this year. While Kwon claims the collapse wasn’t fraudulent, the authorities think otherwise. Officially, he is wanted for violating South Korea’s capital markets regulations.

Previously, there were some indications that Kwon was hiding in Singapore. However, the country’s law enforcement claims that he’s located somewhere else.

Following the arrest warrant, Kwon said that he wasn’t on a run. For a man who isn’t in hiding, he sure is hard to find. With Interpol’s involvement, however, it’s likely only a matter of time before he is apprehended.


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