Opera launches security protection tools

Opera Crypto Browser has announced the launch of Web3 Guard, which enables using Web3 applications in a more secure way.

With a new set of tools, Opera continues to work on providing the most secure application suitable for beginners and advanced crypto enthusiasts. The update mainly addresses improved security for users when interacting with dApps, detects possible phishing attacks, and directly protects against malicious actors.

With this update called Web3 Guard, Opera scans audit reports, code, and vulnerabilities when a user interacts with a decentralized application to find a breach that could lead to a user stealing personal information and funds. If security vulnerabilities are found, the user is warned so they can decide whether to use the app.

Crypto has had a particularly tough year with numerous frauds and attacks resulting in record losses for cryptocurrency investors. Serious network hacks and scams have resulted in roughly $4.3 billion in cryptocurrency funds vanishing into thin air in 2022. Recent data from Solidus Labs shows that 15 new crypto scams are observed every hour.

Another function is the Seed Phrase Phishing Check. Web3 Guard scans web pages for telltale signs of an exploit, such as commonly used phishing keywords and properties. And it does all this without compromising users’ private data. Opera aims to address the most common malicious practice – a seed phrase phishing attack.

To learn more about the harm of phishing attacks: Fenbushi founder loses $42M in a hack

An additional update for Opera Crypto Browser is a Malicious Address Checker. Opera checks the address through which the user wants to conduct transactions to see if it’s on the list of malicious players and warns the user if suspicious activity is detected with this address.

The browser also features the ability to enable HTTPS everywhere, bringing an extra layer of protection and making sure the websites people visit use proper encryption protocols.

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