CoinShares NFT bot

Trading and digital asset investment group CoinShares has launched its Twitter NFT bot, designed to tell the users a fair price of NFTs based on a variety of factors.

The bot uses the NFT price index constructed by CoinShares. It makes estimates based on data sets from the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Moreover, the bot can determine the hype around specific NFT collections by considering the number of their social media followers and the volume and price of previous transactions.

Currently, there’s only support for 50 NFT collections, including expensive ones such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles, but there are also some less popular collections supported. CoinShares will be adding new collections weekly.

However, some prominent users aren’t particularly impressed by CoinShares bots’ price estimates. Additionally, the bot is currently slow and buggy. The idea is good; with more work, this could be a rather helpful service. To test it yourself, simply tweet CoinSharesNFTAI and insert a link to the NFT OpenSea collection you want to check.


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