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“The Formless Form” is the title of the NFT collection dedicated to Bruce Lee, a famous martial artist and a movie star from the 1970s. Following a trend within Hollywood, Lee is now a featured luminary along with celebrities such as Elvis, Kurt Cobain, and Tupac.

The Bruce Lee NFT artwork compilation is running on Ethernity blockchain. According to the Ethernity spokesperson, the collection is supposed to honor Lee’s legacy and inspiring life.

Lee Jun-fan was born in San Francisco and permanently moved to the US as a boy. Soon, he became internationally famous after a series of influential roles in martial arts action movies, including Enter the Dragon (1973) and Game of Death (1978). Being much more than a tool for street fights, his martial arts style carried a deep message of social justice and self-expression. 

The collection keeps the memory of less-known parts of Lee’s life. Apart from acting, Bruce Lee was an acclaimed instructor of traditional Chinese combat techniques and a philosopher. 

This is not the first celebrity token art collection for Ethernity. In July, this company collaborated with the Muhammad Ali Enterprises, starting an NFT collection dedicated to this boxing champion. A rare compilation of Ali’s art was made public and auctioned via the non-fungible tokens.

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

The Ethernity CEO and founder stated that the company plans to continue the peculiar tradition, and is looking forward to exploring the hidden and valuable segments of significant people’s lives. According to him, the company is dedicated to celebrating the work of those celebrities whose values are shared by the Ethernity team and whose stories are deeply inspirational for many fans worldwide.

The world of art seems to be taken by the NFTs hype. Earlier in 2021, the late guitarist Jerry Garcia’s art was commemorated at an auction, where his less-known artworks became available as NFTs. Except for unique hand-made artworks, rare photographs are being auctioned as NFTs as well, like in the case of the Kurt Cobain collection revealed in April. Also, Quentin Tarantino announced selling screenshots of his manually written “Pulp Fiction” screenplay draft, despite a lawsuit from Miramax.

Some of these collections weren’t accepted well by the fans. When a new NFT project was announced on the Stan Lee’s Twitter account in December 2021, many fans thought that using the late digital artist’s personal account for such purposes was outrageous and unacceptable.


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