Machankura shut down
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Regulators to Shut Down the Machankura Bitcoin Service

In August, South African software developer Kgothatso Ngako revealed a potentially groundbreaking service that could greatly enhance Bitcoin adoption rate all over Africa. The service named Machankura, which is a colloquialism for money in South Africa, allows traders with no internet access to buy and spend Bitcoin. However, according to the latest insider info, regulators […]

08.11.2022 15:392 min read
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Survey Reveals Negative Public Opinion on Bitcoin in El Salvador

In September 2021, the government of El Salvador and its president Nayib Bukele, who is known for being an enthusiastic crypto proponent, made the news after introducing Bitcoin as a legal tender in the Central American country. However, according to a new survey conducted by the José Simeón Cañas Central American University, citizens of El […]

21.10.2022 10:171 min read
Crypto Industry News
General Bytes’ Bitcoin ATMs Hacked

In a zero-day attack, attackers have compromised Bitcoin ATMs manufactured by General Bytes. The ATM’s software was hacked so as to transfer funds to the hackers’ wallets instead. There’s still no information in regard to the amount that was stolen or the number of hit ATMs. General Bytes has since patched the fix, while warning […]

22.08.2022 08:541 min read
P2E News
Earn Bitcoin While Playing Classic Video Games

Companies Zebedee and Viker have joined forces to launch three classic games with a crypto twist. Namely, while playing Solitaire, Sudoku, and Missing Letters (a game similar to Wordle), players can now earn Bitcoin. Zebedee is a startup aimed at integrating Bitcoin into video games. Just recently, it secured $35  million in Series B funding, […]

27.07.2022 09:561 min read
Bitcoin News
New York Yankees Can Now Convert Salaries into Bitcoin

As part of a continuation of the global trend of cryptocurrency adoption, employees of the baseball team New York Yankees are now able to receive a piece of their salaries into Bitcoin. The owners of the team have entered a partnership with the company NYDIG in order to make this possible. The service that NYDIG […]

18.07.2022 13:071 min read
Bitcoin value
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Bitcoin’s Value and Profitability Declining

The past month has not been the best for Bitcoin. It’s value is now 22% percent lower than it was 30 days ago, amounting to $29,939. Moreover, Bitcoin’s market cap has also declined, falling from $750 billion to $569 billion in the same period. The results are similarly concerning in terms of Bitcoin’s daily mining […]

02.06.2022 11:271 min read
Crypto Industry News
TRON Reserve buys $61 million bitcoins to back USDD

The TRON DAO Reserve has acquired bitcoin and TRON tokens to back the USDD algorithmic stablecoin.

11.05.2022 09:071 min read
MetaMask Bitcoin
DeFi News
MetaMask will introduce support for Bitcoin

MetaMask wallet will soon integrate Bitcoin as well as several other blockchains thanks to the Snaps feature .

15.04.2022 20:411 min read
Bitcoin Champion review
Trading Soft reviews
Bitcoin Champion – Honest Bot Review by Traders

Is Bitcoin Champion really a scam? What profit you can make with Bitcoin Champion? A full review of this trading bot.

15.04.2022 13:307 min read
Bitcoin Superstar review
Trading Soft reviews
Bitcoin Superstar – Honest Bot Review by Traders

Bitcoin Superstar is a platform for trading cryptocurrency. Its websites talk up Bitcoin highly and encourage you to join Bitcoin Superstar.

15.04.2022 13:287 min read
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