Binance U.S. rolls out mobile Pay service
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Binance US rolls out mobile Pay service

The sister company of Binance rolled out a seamless zero-fee Pay feature for its U.S. customers. Continuing its idea to become the most customer-friendly crypto exchange, Binance U.S. presented a peer-to-peer Pay feature: Pay on Binance.US makes transferring or gifting crypto as seamless as cash, enabling instant, zero-cost crypto transfers for all Binance.US customers. Pay […]

14.12.2022 11:252 min read
Binance halts USDC withdrawals
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Binance halts USDC withdrawals

The largest crypto exchange, Binance, temporarily halted USDC stablecoin withdrawals due to a “token swap.” Other stablecoins are not affected. The paused USDC withdrawal happened amidst FUD in recent days, both in media outlets and on Twitter. In short, halted withdrawals of USDC add to already growing investor concerns about the stability of Binance following […]

13.12.2022 10:502 min read
Binance's bitcoin reserves are overcollateralized
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Binance’s bitcoin reserves are overcollateralized

Crypto exchange Binance has published a proof-of-reserves, audited by financial advisory firm Mazars, showing that Binance’s bitcoin reserves are overcollateralized. Binance underwent proof-of-reserves by Mazars on Nov. 22. To date, Binance bitcoin reserves were overcollaterised by 101%: At the time of assessment, Mazars observed Binance controlled in-scope assets in excess of 100% of their total […]

08.12.2022 12:492 min read
Binance acquires Japanese exchange SEBC
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Binance acquires Japanese exchange SEBC

Binance got its first license in East Asia by acquiring Japan-based licensed crypto exchange Sakura Exchange BitCoin. Last year, Japan’s Financial Services Agency listed another warning to Binance on operating in Japan without registration. Back in the day, Binance replied by saying it “does not currently hold exchange operations in Japan, nor do we actively […]

30.11.2022 10:162 min read
Binance may buy FTX assets
Crypto Industry News
Binance may buy FTX assets

Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s founder and CEO, shared in a Bloomberg interview firm’s plans for the crypto industry recovery, a bid for Voyager, and he also unruled the possibility of acquiring FTX assets. СZ shared his views with a Bloomberg reporter on whether contagion in the market will keep pace following the collapse of a big […]

24.11.2022 14:042 min read
Binance invests in NGRAVE
Crypto Industry NewsBNB
Binance invests in NGRAVE hardware wallets

Binance Labs made a strategic investment in Belgium-based cold wallet maker NGRAVE, following CEO’s Changpeng Zhao repeated calls for users to turn to self-custody. Another confirmation of these words is the integration of Trust Wallet in Binance, announced last week, which we covered in Digest #171.  According to an official statement, Binance Labs, the venture […]

21.11.2022 13:412 min read
Binance SAFU $1 billion topped
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Binance Tops Up SAFU Back to $1 Billion

Good news for Binance fans. The largest crypto exchange announced that it has refilled its Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), which now holds $1 billion to be used as emergency insurance for users of the exchange. The exchange previously topped up SAFU to $1 billion this January using a percentage of trading fees on […]

09.11.2022 11:022 min read
Binance Ledger
Crypto Industry News
Binance Partners With Ledger to Enable Smoother Crypto Purchases

Binance and Ledger have joined forces to enable users to buy crypto on the Binance exchange directly from the hardware wallet app, the companies announced. This way, buyers can use bank cards connected to Ledger to easily buy crypto on Binance. This is important news for traders who like to keep their funds safe in […]

03.11.2022 12:092 min read
Binance oracle
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Binance Launches BNB Chain Oracle Network

Binance has implemented an oracle network in its BNB Chain blockchain, the crypto exchange company announced. Ten popular BNB Chain projects were given an early chance to begin using the oracle, including Venus, Alpaca Finance, and Ankr. Oracles enable smart contracts to access information outside the blockchain itself, such as the price of securities or […]

27.10.2022 09:551 min read
Binance hack
Crypto Industry News
Binance Smart Chain Hacked for $100 Million

Binance Smart Chain has paused its operations following the exploit which saw the attacker take off with some $100 million. In addition, according to blockchain security company SlowMist, there is more than $400 million worth of crypto that was frozen on the BNB Chain before the hacker was able to pocket the money. The cross-chain […]

07.10.2022 09:041 min read
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