ETHW Binance Pool
Mining News
Binance Adds Mining Pool Support for ETHW

While ETHPoW had gotten off to a rocky start, here’s some good news for the supporters of the Ethereum’s proof-of-work mining hard fork. Namely, Binance has now launched an ETHW mining pool through its Binance Pool service, that allows users to join forces and mine ETHW tokens collaboratively. Additionally, ETHW miners on Binance will not […]

30.09.2022 09:271 min read
Binance KyberSwap exploit
Crypto Industry News
Binance Identifies Hackers Suspected of KyberSwap Exploit

Binance seems determined to become the hero of the crypto industry. In an independent investigation, the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume has identified two suspects who are allegedly responsible for the KyberSwap attack. Last week, KyberSwap suffered a front-end exploit, losing $265,000 to the attackers. The decentralized exchange then unsuccessfully offered […]

05.09.2022 09:331 min read
DeFi News
Binance Recovers $450,000 of the Amount Stolen in Curve Finance Exploit

After the DeFi protocol Curve Finance was hacked for $537,000 this Tuesday, the crypto exchange Binance has now managed to recover $450,000 of that amount. According to Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zao, the exchange detected the hacker’s multiple attempts to send the funds to Binance in various different ways. The crypto exchange is now busy returning […]

12.08.2022 09:461 min read
Learn and Earn Binance Courses

On 4 August at 9:00 am CEST time, a new quiz will start. It will be possible to get free BAND, UMA, BTTC tokens. What to do in general? – Log on to this page ( – Answer the questions before the others. – Receive a reward for the spot. #binance #Learn and earn #quiz

02.08.2022 12:271 min read
Is Binance still the best crypto exchange
Crypto Companies Reviews
Is Binance still the best crypto exchange – and is it safe

Anyone who’s ever traded crypto has heard of Binance. When we compare the trading volume on all crypto exchanges in the world, we can see that this trading platform easily dominates the crypto industry in this regard. Namely, the trading volume on the Binance exchange, on most days, is at least five higher than on […]

19.07.2022 15:5118 min read
Crypto Industry News
Binance delists LUNA perpetual contracts

Cryptocurrency derivatives platform Binance Futures has delisted the underlying asset-settled perpetual contracts on LUNA.

12.05.2022 09:211 min read
Crypto Industry News
Binance’s Licenses in Dubai and Bahrain

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s licenses in Dubai and Bahrain are the first of their kind in the Gulf to be issued.

15.03.2022 13:072 min read
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