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Lee Jung-hoon sentence
Crypto Industry News
Bithumb Ex-Chairman Facing Eight Years in Jail

The sentence in the case of Lee Jung-hoon, former chairman of the Bithumb crypto exchange, is set to be announced on December 20. Jung-hoon is facing up to eight years in prison for fraud charges if found guilty. Jung-hoon is accused of damaging in the amount of $70 million the cosmetic surgery firm BK Group, […]

26.10.2022 10:031 min read
Crypto Business AcademyEthereum
How to Promote Your ICO: Marketing Guide

In 2017 alone, blockchain initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised more than $4 billion. The more people realized the fabulous risk-reward ratio of ICOs, the higher the amount of money was raised. That’s why ICOs raised more than $14 billion in 2019 and over $21 billion in 2021. From the 2022 perspective, the ICO industry is […]

20.10.2022 09:5912 min read
Blockchain AcademyBitcoin
Cryptocurrencies As a Way to Protect Against Inflation?

It’s 2022, and the world is currently dealing with almost abnormally high inflation rates. Now, let’s rewind to 2008 for a second. This was the year of an absolute financial crash. Back in the day, high-school freshmen and students were jobless and those who wanted to level up their skills and attend for-profit colleges had […]

18.10.2022 10:0010 min read
Arbitrum Prysm
Ethereum News
Arbitrum Owner Acquires Ethereum Consensus Software Prism

Offchain Labs, the company behind the Ethereum layer 2 solution Arbitrum, announced that it has acquired Prysmatic Labs, one of the key companies in charge of Ethereum’s maintenance and upgrades. This acquisition further strengthens Offchain’s importance in the Ethereum ecosystem. According to DeFi Llama, Arbitrum is already the most popular rollup solution based on total […]

13.10.2022 08:411 min read
Cosmos blockchain full review
Altcoin Academy
What is Cosmos blockchain: full review of the promising technology

Cosmos Hub (Atom) Atom to USD Chart Converter Atom to USD Cosmos network and Atom token explained Imagine the universe. Planets are slowly spinning around their orbits to form systems and galaxies. Stars are born, giving life to millions of species. Little satellites are navigating through time and space to reach new, uncharted lands. Cosmos […]

06.10.2022 13:4511 min read
Kim Kardashian SEC
Crypto Industry News
Kim Kardashian Settles with SEC for $1.2 Million

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian. The celebrity was charged for failing to disclose that she had received a $250,000 payment for promoting the EthereumMax (EMAX) crypto on her Instagram profile. Kardashian immediately settled with the SEC for $1.26 million. EMAX was promoted in a ramified influencer campaign. […]

04.10.2022 09:001 min read
NFT prices and trading volume
NFT News
NFT Prices and Trading Volume Shrinking

The NFT market isn’t immune to crypto winter either. According to Dune Analytics, weekly NFT trading volume has dropped by 98% since the beginning of the year. Currently, the trading volume amounts to some $114 million – a significant decrease from its $6.2 billion mark back in January. Trading volume saw an all-time $146 billion […]

29.09.2022 09:141 min read
Veritaseum Coinbase lawsuit
Crypto Industry News
Veritaseum Capital Sues Coinbase for $350 Million

Blockchain software firm Veritaseum Capital has filed a lawsuit against one of the leading crypto exchanges, Coinbase. According to the lawsuit, the crypto exchange has illegally been using Veritaseum’s patented technology for secure crypto payment transfers. Some of Coinbase’s services relying on this tech include Coinbase Pay, Commerce APIs, and iOS and Android wallets. Due […]

26.09.2022 09:071 min read
ETHPoW launch
Ethereum News
Ethereum’s Mining Fork ETHPoW Gets Off to Bad Start

On the same day that Ethereum successfully transformed into a proof-of-stake network, its hard fork with a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, ETHPoW, launched as well. However, the launch of the mining-centric network didn’t go without issues. Namely, many users encountered issues when trying to access it. ETHPoW developers erroneously chose to use the same chain ID […]

16.09.2022 08:491 min read
Near crypto hub Vietnam
Crypto Industry News
Crypto Hub in Vietnam Opened by Near Foundation and GFS Ventures

Near Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization that oversees the development of the layer-one blockchain, Near Protocol, announced that it has opened a Web3 regional hub in Vietnam. Its partner in the project is GFS Ventures, a venture capital fund. According to the Global Cryptocurrency Acceptance Index, Vietnam ranks fifth when it comes to the degree […]

15.09.2022 09:551 min read
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