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U.S. federal agencies publish joint statement on crypto
Crypto Policy News
U.S. federal agencies publish joint statement on crypto

Three U.S. financial institutions have joined forces to clarify the FUD regulatory situation that has arisen over the past year related to cryptocurrency banking. They do not endorse crypto banking, but neither do they encourage it, according to the new statement.Related: CFTC learns a lesson from FTX collapseAt the start of the new year, The […]

04.01.2023 11:042 min read
Half of 2022 NFT volume is wash trades
NFT NewsEthereum
Half of 2022 NFT volume is wash trades

New research by hildobby, an anonymous data analyst for DragonFly and Dune, has shown that up to 80% of trades in January 2022 were wash trades. As you can see from Dune Analytics’ data table, the record increase in turnover in January this year was due to interest in NFTs and wash trades. January trading […]

22.12.2022 11:272 min read
Where Do I Start to Learn About Crypto? A Comprehensive Resource Guide 
Blockchain Academy
Where Do I Start Learning About Crypto? A Comprehensive Resource Guide 

You’re not alone if you’re interested in learning about crypto but don’t know where to start. The world of crypto can be overwhelming, with a seemingly endless amount of information and resources available.  In this comprehensive resource guide, we will provide the best of resources to learn crypto. We’ll cover everything from understanding the basics […]

21.12.2022 10:5615 min read
Binance U.S. rolls out mobile Pay service
Crypto Industry News
Binance US rolls out mobile Pay service

The sister company of Binance rolled out a seamless zero-fee Pay feature for its U.S. customers. Continuing its idea to become the most customer-friendly crypto exchange, Binance U.S. presented a peer-to-peer Pay feature: Pay on Binance.US makes transferring or gifting crypto as seamless as cash, enabling instant, zero-cost crypto transfers for all Binance.US customers. Pay […]

14.12.2022 11:252 min read
Signature bank cuts deposits to crypto companies
Business News
Signature bank cuts deposits to crypto companies

One of Wall Street’s crypto-friendly firms, Signature Bank, will cut its corporate deposits by $10 billion, distancing itself from the digital asset industry. Signature bank CEO Joe DePaolo stated on Tuesday: We are not just a crypto bank and we want that to come across loud and clear. About 23% of Signature’s $103 billion in […]

07.12.2022 14:352 min read
Stripe offers fiat-to-crypto to web3
Business News
Stripe offers fiat-to-crypto to web3 businesses

Financial services giant, Stripe, now offers web3 businesses a fiat-to-crypto onramp feature to seamlessly buy with fiat directly on the platform. A customizable onramp presented by Stripe can go live on any web3 application involved in paying with crypto, whether it’s an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange, or a non-custodial wallet. Stipe explained the rolling […]

02.12.2022 11:282 min read assets balance
Crypto Industry News to Disclose a List of Major Asset Balances

Kris Marszalek, CEO of, announced in a tweet that the popular crypto exchange will make public all balances and cold wallet addresses for major assets within the next 24 hours. The aim is to demonstrate full transparency in light of the much-publicized recent events concerning another crypto exchange, FTX. To remind readers, FTX’s downfall […]

11.11.2022 13:212 min read
Cash App Cuba
Crypto Policy News
Cash App Bans Cuban Users

According to a tweet posted by Bitcoin Magazine, Cash App has started censoring users from Cuba. This is due to economic sanctions imposed on the Caribbean country by the USA. Cash App is a popular peer-to-peer payment application, allowing for quick money transferring and investing. According to reports, it’s doing quite well, having made $12.3 […]

04.11.2022 15:072 min read
How to Start a Crypto Casino
Crypto Business Academy
How to Start a Crypto Casino?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic hit traditional casinos as most people started to avoid public places. This made crypto casinos more popular as they offer an online platform for gambling that can be done from the comfort of your home. This article contains the steps required to develop a crypto casino.  What is a […]

28.10.2022 13:0610 min read
Binance oracle
Crypto Industry News
Binance Launches BNB Chain Oracle Network

Binance has implemented an oracle network in its BNB Chain blockchain, the crypto exchange company announced. Ten popular BNB Chain projects were given an early chance to begin using the oracle, including Venus, Alpaca Finance, and Ankr. Oracles enable smart contracts to access information outside the blockchain itself, such as the price of securities or […]

27.10.2022 09:551 min read
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