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  • Nina Petrov is a theoretical mathematician, passionate about new trends in the global economy and blockchain technology. She is a devoted content creator and editor, crypto-enthusiast and stock market analyst.

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Crypto Industry News
Corite launched a beta test with rewards up to 200 BUSD

Corite has announced the launch of an award-winning platform beta. Each person who participates in the program will be able to receive a reward in the amount of 10 to 200 BUSD. The terms of participation: Register and connect MetaMask; Choose the artist you like, and hold him with the selected amount; Payment is via PayPal, Apple […]

09.05.2022 16:511 min read
Crypto Policy News
Coinbase Introduces new compliance tools

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a line of anti-illegal transactions and regulatory compliance products.

02.05.2022 09:351 min read
What are crypto launchpads and how do they work
DeFi Academy
What are crypto launchpads and how do they work?

Want to invest in DeFi projects, but you are wary of the frauds and rug pulls. Enter launchpads, the beacon of safety in the crypto waters!

25.04.2022 11:489 min read
Crypto Code review
Trading Soft reviews
Crypto Code Trading Bot Review

How to Use Crypto Code – Full Review: Is It Wise to Invest with This Bot? If you know what you are doing, it’s generally wiser to invest your money rather than spend it. There are several potentially lucrative possibilities to have in mind when investing: Forex trading, stock exchanges, and in recent times – […]

15.04.2022 13:327 min read
Bitcoin Champion review
Trading Soft reviews
Bitcoin Champion – Honest Bot Review by Traders

Is Bitcoin Champion really a scam? What profit you can make with Bitcoin Champion? A full review of this trading bot.

15.04.2022 13:307 min read
Bitcoin Superstar review
Trading Soft reviews
Bitcoin Superstar – Honest Bot Review by Traders

Bitcoin Superstar is a platform for trading cryptocurrency. Its websites talk up Bitcoin highly and encourage you to join Bitcoin Superstar.

15.04.2022 13:287 min read
How to choose DeFi platform – leading projects comparison chart
DeFi Academy
How to choose DeFi platform – leading projects comparison chart

Side-by-side check of main 6 DeFi platforms. 6 Crypto Traders share experience on their favorite tool and argue which DeFi is the best.

13.04.2022 07:1210 min read
Meta/Web 3.0 NewsNFT News
Famous Food Brand Slim Jim Announces NFT and Metaverse Expansion

Slim Jim joins food brands expanding to the metaverse, announcing a virtual environment in which it will be possible to buy food with NFTs.

10.03.2022 07:221 min read
Trade Crypto Podcast
Crypto podcasts
Joseph Steinberg on Cybersecurity: The Bad Crypto Podcast

Catch up with the latest episode of the Bad Crypto Podcast with Joseph Steinberg, a cybersecurity expert.   #crypto investments

28.02.2022 12:251 min read
mykhailo fedorov calls for freezing russian crypto
Crypto Industry News
Mykhailo Fedorov calls for freezing all Russian crypto accounts

The head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov called on the world cryptocurrencies to freeze the accounts of all citizens of Russia and Belarus. “I appeal to all world cryptocurrencies to block users from Russia. It is important to freeze not only the accounts of the political leadership of Russia and Belarus […]

27.02.2022 14:292 min read
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