One neat way for crypto projects to raise funds for the development of their coins are initial DEX offerings (IDOs), which are the first next step after a crypto project has spent time in its incubation phase on crypto launchpads. With IDOs, you can get your hands on coins at discounted prices, these coins might give you a stake in the project or have a utility function, and the devs stay afloat. 

Seems like a win-win situation, but there are some potential risks. Unfortunately, many coins end up failures. Other coins, it turns out, are not actually coins, but scams made so that the fraudsters can net some quick buck. That’s not to say that IDOs are generally best avoided, but due diligence and enough research on the investor’s behalf are a must.

If you’ve heard about initial coin offerings (ICOs), you may be wondering – what’s the difference? Well, while ICOs operate on centralized exchanges, IDO’s organizers choose to avoid the complications of dealing with such exchanges and use decentralized exchanges (DEXs) instead. We try to choose those IDOs that seem worth your while, so feel free to check our IDOs Calendar from time to time, just remember to invest with caution.

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