Reviews of P2E games

Play-to-earn (P2E) video-games are looking to bridge the gap between being entertaining and useful. Axie Infinity, Cryptokittens, The Sandbox, and many, many others are video-games much like those we’ve come to know, striving to provide engaging gameplay mechanics. The difference is P2E games can provide you with monetary rewards to go with the fun. You earn them simply by playing, and in the form of crypto at that. The earnings are not large, but hey, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

P2E games are a neat idea, but you wouldn’t want to waste time playing just any game. Instead, we play them so you wouldn’t have to bother with the lousy ones! Apart from our reviews of various tokens, metaverse projects, trading bot software, and so on, you’ll find that our P2E reviews are similar as well to the games we present: they’re fun and useful to readers. A win-win situation all around.

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