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With Web 2.0, all content is centralized in the Big Tech companies grouping, but Web 3.0 is looking to change that. Powered by blockchain technology and economics based on tokens, Web 3.0 is in line with crypto’s decentralization tenets.

While the term itself was coined in 2014, this movement to evolve the world wide web gained traction only recently, in 2021. In the meantime, many technology and venture capital companies have taken part in it. Apart from our regular Web 3.0 news, you can also find our Conferences Calendar, of which many revolve around Web 3.0.

Metaverse is a decentralized virtual meta-world, created to be an online space of innovation and collaboration. It allows users to create and explore digital assets and interact in various ways, including through games, commerce, social networking, media sharing, and more. It’s a meta-world built on blockchain technology with its own native cryptocurrency – Metaverse Token (ETP).

It allows users to create whatever they want by layering different “realms” together. These realms can be anything from gaming worlds to educational landscapes or even virtual cities.

The metaverse also offers many opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this new technology. Businesses can create their own digital properties, such as digital currencies or tokens, which they can trade on the metaverse marketplaces. This provides companies with an alternative way of conducting business transactions without relying solely on traditional methods such as banks or credit cards.

Furthermore, individuals have the potential to make money by trading digital assets within the metaverse ecosystem or through creating original content within this new world. This further promotes creativity and entrepreneurship by empowering people who may not otherwise have access to capital markets or traditional investing methods.

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