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With Web 2.0, all content is centralized in the Big Tech companies grouping, but Web 3.0 is looking to change that. Powered by blockchain technology and economics based on tokens, Web 3.0 is in line with crypto’s decentralization tenets.

While the term itself was coined in 2014, this movement to evolve the world wide web gained traction only recently, in 2021. In the meantime, many technology and venture capital companies have taken part in it. Apart from our regular Web 3.0 news, you can also find our Conferences Calendar, of which many revolve around Web 3.0.

Metaverse is a decentralized virtual meta-world, created to be an online space of innovation and collaboration. It allows users to create and explore digital assets and interact in various ways, including through games, commerce, social networking, media sharing, and more. It’s a meta-world built on blockchain technology with its own native cryptocurrency – Metaverse Token (ETP).

It allows users to create whatever they want by layering different “realms” together. These realms can be anything from gaming worlds to educational landscapes or even virtual cities.

The metaverse also offers many opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this new technology. Businesses can create their own digital properties, such as digital currencies or tokens, which they can trade on the metaverse marketplaces. This provides companies with an alternative way of conducting business transactions without relying solely on traditional methods such as banks or credit cards.

Furthermore, individuals have the potential to make money by trading digital assets within the metaverse ecosystem or through creating original content within this new world. This further promotes creativity and entrepreneurship by empowering people who may not otherwise have access to capital markets or traditional investing methods.

Read more about all web 3 and metaverse news and updates below.

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Meta/Web 3.0 News
Seoul government presents Metaverse Seoul to the public

The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched the first phase of the Metaverse Seoul project, which allows the public to access the civil services in the metaverse: from tax returns to official documents. Following the test of the beta version of the virtual environment, the mayor of Seoul, Oh Se-hoon, announced the opening of the first phase […]

17.01.2023 14:562 min read
Tuvalu in the metaverse
Meta/Web 3.0 News
New life in the metaverse: how climate change affects the Tuvaluans

Tuvalu is an island country located in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania in the South Pacific, the region whose islets soon would be heavily submerged by rising sea levels, droughts, and temperature increases due to disastrous climate change. This issue was brought up many times during the COP, especially at the 26th session last year, […]

16.11.2022 14:302 min read
Meta/Web 3.0 NewsEthereum
Shoppers in India can now order sneakers in the Metaverse for a week

Indian shoppers are receiving more options for digital buying experiences as major regional e-commerce companies investigate blockchain and the Metaverse. In the game-based and interactive metaverse, Indian customers may test products from brands such as Puma and Nivea. This is due to the release of a metaverse space for customers to locate things in a […]

20.10.2022 10:081 min read
Meta/Web 3.0 NewsEthereum
India ranks third in the world in terms of Web 3.0 workforce size

According to a new report released by the Nationwide Affiliation of Software and Providers Organizations (NASSCOM), a non-profit organization in India with roughly 3,000 associates, India presently has 11% of the world’s Web3 knowledge. With roughly 75,000 blockchain specialists already employed, India is the world’s third biggest in terms of its World Wide Web3 workforce. […]

19.10.2022 13:292 min read
Meta/Web 3.0 NewsEthereum
Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Metaverse Legs Were Staged

“Legs are coming soon!” That rather perplexing phrase remained the most after Meta’s Connect this week, the parent company of Facebook’s annual event. People were naturally confused, to say the least. In reality, the tweet from a Meta account simply announced that customers’ digital avatars in the company’s virtual world will soon grow legs, as […]

17.10.2022 14:122 min read
Polygon OCEEF
Meta/Web 3.0 News
Polygon Announces OCEEF Ocean Research Web3 Partnership

Polygon has announced that it will be collaborating with the Ocean Conservation, Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF). The Ethereum layer-2 network will provide the tech that will bring OCEEF’s underwater research into Web3 space. Namely, participants will be able to take a metaverse tour of OCEEF’s cutting-edge research vessel, RV Odyssey, as well as get […]

07.10.2022 09:411 min read
Horizon, Ubisoft and Take-Two funding
Meta/Web 3.0 News
Horizon Raises $40 Million, Backed by Ubisoft and Take-Two

Horizon, the development team behind the NFT game Skyweaver, announced that it has gathered $40 million in Series A funding. Among other companies, video-game publishing giants Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive participated in the funding. Skyweaver is a competitive cards game, similar to the famous video-game Hearthstone, but with playing cards being in the form of […]

05.10.2022 08:512 min read
UAE Ministry of Economy metaverse
Meta/Web 3.0 News
UAE Ministry of Economy Announces Metaverse Headquarters

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that it is preparing a virtual metaverse headquarters for its Ministry of Economy. The metaverse building will be the third address where the UAE Ministry of Economy resides, apart from the two physical ones in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It will feature several floors, each one dedicated to a […]

29.09.2022 08:421 min read
Robinhood web3 wallet
Meta/Web 3.0 News
Robinhood Launches Its Web3 Wallet Beta Phase

Robinhood has unveiled the beta version of its upcoming Web3 wallet, focused on streamlining crypto trading. Thus, 10,000 lucky customers who have applied for the crypto and stock trading platform’s waiting list will be testing the wallet prior to its full launch. Robinhood’s beta Web3 wallet is available exclusively on Apple’s devices. The app allows […]

28.09.2022 09:081 min read
Zilliqa game console
Meta/Web 3.0 News
Zilliqa Announces Web3 Game Console

Layer-1 blockchain Zilliqa has unveiled its very own video-game console and hub, intended to provide a Web3 gaming experience. The Zilliqa console is presented as being user-friendly for players, who don’t need to know anything about Web3 to enjoy themselves. Blockchain tech, crypto wallet, and mining capabilities will all be seamlessly integrated. Console’s complete technical […]

23.09.2022 09:471 min read
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