A digital entertainment company, Animoca Brands, announced that it has joined forces with several other prominent companies in order to create a new Metaverse alliance. The goal of the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 (OMA3) is to address the challenges of the emerging metaverse environment, with the key goal of maintaining the freedom of information.

OM3 aims to create an interoperable space for individual networks. Transparency and inclusivity are two of their most important tenets. Being a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the alliance relies on Web3 tools and principles in order to achieve its mission.

A particularly important point for OMA3 is that the ownership of the users’ assets should be controlled by the users themselves, and not the platforms. Thus, users will be able to transfer their assets between all OMA3 projects without the need for the platforms’ permission.

Apart from Animoca Brands, the prominent companies Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, Decentraland, Star Atlas, and The Sandbox are also part of the alliance. In addition, all blockchain-based projects are invited to join OMA3.




  • Nina Petrov is a theoretical mathematician, passionate about new trends in the global economy and blockchain technology. She is a devoted content creator and editor, crypto-enthusiast and stock market analyst.

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