Actor and writer Rob McElhenney of the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fame has formed a new “entertainment-tech” company named Adim. The company will provide a virtual writers’ room for collaboration between writers. Each of the participants will receive ownership of the developed IP via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Initially, 100 writers will be selected from all applicants to join the virtual writers’ room. Thanks to NFTs, each of these writers will receive revenue shares or royalties. This will happen any time that an idea or character they’ve helped to create makes money.

There is no official information on the blockchain network that the so-called “Adimverse” will use. However, there is mention of Ethereum’s gas fees (i.e. the costs of transactions) and Ethereum wallets such as Rainbow and MetaMask.

The $5 million for the financing of the project was raised through seed funding. The round was led by the venture capitalist company Andreessen Horowitz.

Apart from McElhenney, the company was co-founded by the well-known serial entrepreneur Richard Rosenblatt. Other co-founders are Chase Rosenblatt, Melissa Kaspers, and Spencer Marell.

McElhenney’s wife and co-star on “It’s Always Sunny” Kaitlin Olson is on the board of advisers, as well as the famous actor Ryan Reynolds.


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