Here we go with Spacers NFT Collection contest results! We’re excited to announce the four lucky winners, who will each receive a Spacer pod NFT with a TradeCrypto patch.

Thank you to all of the participants who entered the contest and purchased Spacers and equipment. We hope you had a blast on this one-of-a-kind journey to space with the Spacers NFT Collection.

Our winners are:

  1. Bemtikru
  2. Roro12
  3. Klim25
  4. FinTwitAbs

Congratulations to the winners and we can’t wait to see what you do with your new NFTs.

Stay tuned for more exciting contests and events from TradeCrypto in the future!

Just to remind, what Spacer PODs NFT collection is:

  • The Spacers NFT collection consists of Spacers and equipment items. There are four rarities of Spacers, from the smallest (Marine) to the largest (Admiral), each with a different number of equipment slots.
  • The Spacers are developed by the Subsocial team in collaboration with the RMRK team and are enabled by the RMRK 2.0 NFT standard. This standard allows users to modify the characteristics of the base NFT by buying and selling equipment items that are also NFTs.
  • The Spacers NFT collection is rich in utility and provides additional features for Subsocial users, including the ability to shape the treasury spendings through closed channels.
  • Subsocial is a Layer 1 chain in the Kusama ecosystem designed specifically for social networking. It includes a set of tools, such as an SDK, that allow developers to easily create different platforms with ready-to-go pallets of social interactions like comments, likes, and more.

Read the full review of Spacer PODs NFT


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