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TradeCrypto x Subsocial contest: Spacer pod NFT winners

Together with folks from Subsocial, we organized a Spacer pod NFT contest and can now pronounce the lucky winners of Spacer capsules with specially designed TradeCrypto patches. With TRADECRYPTO code, Twitter users bemtikru_mitch, RoroOcp, jolki878, and FinTwitAbs can unlock their capsule, wherein they’ll find a Spacer NFT, as well as the items to equip the […]

12.07.2023 17:142 min read
Pepe-themed Bitcoin Frogs become most traded NFT collection
NFT News
​​Pepe-themed Bitcoin Frogs become most traded NFT collection

🚀🐸 Bitcoin Frogs on Ordinals dominate the market! 📈🌟 Surpassing BAYC, the collection raised $2.2M in 24 hours! Don’t sleep on Bitcoin! 😮💥

18.05.2023 08:542 min read
New NFT collection Mad Lads is rebirth for Solana
NFT News
New NFT collection Mad Lads brings rebirth for Solana: Decrypt

Mad Lads NFTs on Solana are killing it 🤑 with $15M+ in trades. Co-founders of Coral and Backpack, these guys know their stuff! 🚀

27.04.2023 09:012 min read
Sotheby's auctions famous seized 3AC NFT collection
Crypto Industry NewsNFT News
Sotheby’s auctions the famous seized 3AC NFT collection

Sotheby’s is selling rare NFTs from bankrupt hedge fund 3AC’s Grails Collection. Get ready to bid on some amazing digital art! 🎨💰

20.04.2023 08:272 min read
Donald Trump launches NFT collection despite indictment
NFT News
Donald Trump launches NFT collection despite indictment

Trump defies indictment to launch Series 2 of his NFT collection on Polygon! Buy 47 tokens+ for a chance to dine with him at Mar-a-Lago! 🃏💰🍽️

19.04.2023 08:372 min read
Yuga Labs' next NFT collection will be based on Bitcoin
NFT NewsBitcoin News
Yuga Labs’ next NFT collection will be Bitcoin-based

All-time tops conquer Ordinals protocol. 🚀 This 300-piece generative art collection will be inscribed onto satoshis. Driving Bitcoin or driving nuts?🐒

28.02.2023 09:212 min read
Blur overtakes OpenSea, Ethereum NFT trading soars
NFT News
Blur overtakes OpenSea, Ethereum NFT trading soars

Blur blows OpenSea💥, NFTs are flipped like DeFi tokens. Is the NFT market 🚀 growing, or is it just a game of whales?🐋

21.02.2023 09:193 min read
The Treasury NFTs
NFT MintEthereum
The Treasury NFT

Von Wolfe, the artist behind the collection, says about the Treasury NFTs: “In my latest artworks, I attempt to retrodict European classical narratives presenting them as operands subject to change.” In other words, these Treasury NFTs are of a particular kind. It is an art project of 7,500 distinctive and sophisticated digitally crafted pieces. Each […]

16.01.2023 14:482 min read
NFT MintEthereum
a Kid called Beast NFT mint

What Beast are you? You might soon answer this question with a hand of a Kid called Beast NFt creators. Honestly, before reviewing the collection, I took a quiz, and it was fun. Recommend. Let’s dive right in.  CORE EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU ARE. IT’S A PART OF YOUR NATURE. IT IS INSIDE ALL OF US. SOME MORE FREE THAN OTHERS. REALITY HAS EVOLVED BEYOND THE PHYSICAL. […]

06.01.2023 14:212 min read
Clumsy Munchkins NFT collection
NFT MintEthereum
Clumsy Munchkins NFT collection

Clumsy Munchkins NFT is a series of 3D digital collectibles that feature detailed high-end fashion art. Not only can these NFTs be enjoyed and traded, but the business model behind them is designed to benefit their holders. By implementing real-world use cases and partnering with web2 brands for physical products, Clumsy Munchkins is working towards […]

04.01.2023 15:342 min read
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