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There are many opportunities in the crypto industry, attracting more and more businesses to join the crypto world. Some of them are building their own blockchain networks, infrastructure, or crypto products. And others are integrating crypto as a means of payment. 

Both types of businesses are facing issues on two fronts: regulations and crypto adoption. Many governments are still hostile toward crypto, and some companies even had to move their operations to other countries. And while crypto is being increasingly adopted by individuals and companies alike, business ventures are still finding it hard to reach as many people as they’d like. 

Whether they’re crypto exchanges, blockchain networks, mining companies, or a number of other ventures, TradeCrypto is providing informative crypto business guides in our Academy to assist businesses looking to find success in the crypto realm.

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10 Best Crypto Telegram Groups
Crypto Business Academy
10 Best crypto Telegram groups

🚀 Exploring the best crypto Telegram groups for trading insights and opportunities? Check these out:

Unlock a treasure trove of crypto knowledge! 💡🔒💰

30.08.2023 07:3113 min read
Compatibility test: how to find the right crypto marketing agency
Crypto Business Academy
Compatibility test: how to find crypto marketing agency

“🔍 Navigating the crypto marketing world in 2023? Learn how to choose the perfect agency, verify their legitimacy, and check out the 🏆 top 7 crypto marketing agencies! 💼💡

14.07.2023 12:129 min read
The Benefits of Crypto Expo for Everyone
Crypto Business Academy
The Benefits of Crypto Expo for Everyone

Are you interested in the crypto industry, blockchain technology, and growing your company to reach as many customers and investors as possible?  Every industry and business area may someday experience significant effects due to the global adoption of blockchain technology. Because of this, the plan of Crypto Expo 2022 is to provide a comprehensive grasp […]

16.12.2022 11:007 min read
How To Evaluate Crypto Projects Based on Their Communities
Crypto Business Academy
How To Evaluate Crypto Projects Based on Their Communities

Community building is a marketing initiative in the Web2 landscape to increase customer engagement and loyalty for generating a high return on investment. However, most companies don’t focus on creating a sense of belonging for their customers who want to align with their brand and be a part of their journey. Web3 doesn’t operate this […]

01.11.2022 10:4516 min read
How to Start a Crypto Casino
Crypto Business Academy
How to Start a Crypto Casino?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic hit traditional casinos as most people started to avoid public places. This made crypto casinos more popular as they offer an online platform for gambling that can be done from the comfort of your home. This article contains the steps required to develop a crypto casino.  What is a […]

28.10.2022 13:0610 min read
State of Ethereum Miners After the Merge: Is It All Over for Them
Crypto Business Academy
State of Ethereum Miners After the Merge: Is It All Over for Them? 

The Merge— one of the biggest technical upgrades in blockchain history went live on September 15th. The upgrade changed the consensus mechanism from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake, cutting down energy consumption by 99%. If eliminating environmental concerns wasn’t enough, the upgrade also reduced ETH issuance by almost 90%.  While the Merge marks a new beginning for […]

25.10.2022 13:2211 min read
Crypto Business AcademyEthereum
How to Promote Your ICO: Marketing Guide

In 2017 alone, blockchain initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised more than $4 billion. The more people realized the fabulous risk-reward ratio of ICOs, the higher the amount of money was raised. That’s why ICOs raised more than $14 billion in 2019 and over $21 billion in 2021. From the 2022 perspective, the ICO industry is […]

20.10.2022 09:5912 min read
Where to look for crypto jobs: top 5 crypto job boards
Crypto Business Academy
Where to look for crypto jobs: top 5 platforms in the industry

If you are looking for a job in the crypto industry, you’re most likely wondering how to find the best employment that would fit your skills. No worries, as we’ve got your back – below, you’ll find the top crypto and blockchain job sites, offering many crypto-job ads. One of these ads could easily lead […]

14.10.2022 12:528 min read
Crypto Marketing 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners
Crypto Business Academy
Crypto Marketing 101: A Comprehensive Guide Every Business Owner Needs

Is crypto marketing the lifeline of every crypto project? Definitely, business owners should be prepared to bury their projects if their marketing isn’t successful. Regardless of how great your project is, whether it’s an initial exchange offering, an NFT marketplace, or a coin offering, it will fail if nobody knows about it. The value you’re […]

11.10.2022 17:0918 min read
Cryptocurrency Accounting for Business
Crypto Business Academy
Crypto trading accounting for taxes – Part 3

How to Do Crypto Trading Accounting for Taxes? This is the third and final part of our in-depth guide to crypto accounting for businesses. Previously, we introduced the topic and discussed how to manage crypto accounting. Now, we’ll explain how readers can handle related taxes, crypto mining accounting, as well as take a look at […]

28.09.2022 16:248 min read
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