The Benefits of Crypto Expo for Everyone

Are you interested in the crypto industry, blockchain technology, and growing your company to reach as many customers and investors as possible? 

Every industry and business area may someday experience significant effects due to the global adoption of blockchain technology. Because of this, the plan of Crypto Expo 2022 is to provide a comprehensive grasp and key facts about blockchain technology. It also provides customers with a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the virtual environment.

In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of participating in Crypto Expo events as an exhibitor or sponsor.

Such events are organized every year in different cities. The last one was in October 2022; this latest gathering for investors and experts in the crypto industry to network, seek new business prospects, and meet the best crypto companies for trading and investing was Crypto Expo Dubai.

The next Crypto Expo Dubai event will be organized March 8–9, 2023, in the Festival arena – Dubai Festival City.

The Benefits of Crypto Expo Dubai

The Benefits of Crypto Expo Dubai

The advantages of being an exhibitor or sponsor at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 were:

  1. Meeting and interacting with 1000+ traders in person;
  2. Presenting the products and services your company offers;
  3. Assisting in educating investors on how to make investments in this dynamic market;
  4. Excellent opportunity to connect with experts in the crypto industry;
  5. Seize the chance to win a prestigious award for your business.

The Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 was the most extensive crypto gathering in Asia. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the crypto industry from some of the industry leaders. On display at their booth, attendees could find out more about B2BinPay’s most recent offerings.

The top names in the cryptocurrency sector and blockchain industry were represented at this year’s exhibition. Thousands of traders and investors could see what well-known crypto companies had to offer and discuss the key facts shaping the crypto industry.

International guests from the fields of technology, business, and finance took the podium to talk about emerging new paradigms, including decentralized autonomous organizations, metaverse, and decentralized finance.

Crypto conference attendees benefited from the insights and most recent data provided by industry leaders concerning trends in the cryptocurrency industry. The top companies in the crypto space were recognized at the Crypto Expo’s conclusion during the illustrious awards ceremony.

B2BinPay Speakers

B2BinPay Speakers

As one of the most awaited crypto gatherings in the MENA area, Crypto Expo Dubai provided B2BinPay with the perfect platform to present its goods and inform customers about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Two B2BinPay speakers offered their knowledge and experience in blockchain technology and digital assets to the crypto conference attendees. Visitors learned insightful information and received solid counsel from these seminars because each speaker has a great deal of experience in their own field.

A top-tier supplier of cryptocurrency payment solutions, B2BinPay gives companies a safe and practical way to accept and process payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Companies of all sizes may easily benefit from cryptocurrency payments thanks to the company’s solutions, which it offers to both merchant and corporate clients.

NoVa Battles shook up the Dubai Crypto Expo

NoVa Battles Speakers Dubai Crypto Expo

NoVa Battles is a play-to-earn (P2E) community-based mobile multiplayer online arena game supported by the Ethereum blockchain. Fans of this or similar genres will find it easy to get started and begin making a lot of money while playing this game. It has experienced multiple designing and testing phases since its creation in 2019 to make sure it satisfies end-user requirements.

Due to its emphasis on community interaction, NoVa Battles encourages participation from different gaming communities, expanding the habitat for interacting, playing, and earning. The People’s Game is an appropriate name because it captures the purpose.

Users of NoVa Battles must select one of numerous cost-free Champions before playing any game mode. These Champions are NFTs that take the form of avatars in the game.

These Champions are distinguished in battle by a range of skills and characteristics. There are Support Champions too, who help the leading champion in combat.

Players receive Battle Rewards for their participation in each fight. The Nova Soul NFTs are the center of the Nova Battles ecosystem. The players use these NFTs during fights. The Marketplace and a pre-sale are just two locations where you can purchase them.

More than 100 cryptocurrency companies, including NoVa Battles, participated in the top crypto expo and crypto conference, Dubai Crypto Expo 2022, which HQMENA organized.

Lucian, the NoVa Battles CEO, spoke at the event as well. His presentation showed that the use and research of NoVa Battles in the cryptocurrency industry had received wide recognition.

NoVa Battles has a booth at the exhibition where guests can learn more about the company’s different initiatives and products. The project team also offered a variety of online activities for anyone who couldn’t make it to the crypto gathering.

NoVa Battles, an Ethereum-based game, anticipates a sizable gaming community coming together to create a game Metaverse that is advantageous to everyone. The initial coin offering (ICO) of the business will shortly have a public beta release.

It is significant to note that Singapore — which will hold the next Southeast Asia crypto expo, Thailand, and Malaysia are all major markets for NoVa Battles and have a significant presence there.

Crypto Expo Italy

Crypto Expo Italy

Just four months before the Crypto Expo Dubai, there was the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of crypto expo events in Italy.

The first edition of Crypto Expo Milan (CEM), a crypto conference for professionals working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, took place from June 23 to June 26.

The primary influencers in the Italian crypto sector were among the more than 2,000 guests at CEM, which aims to be among the most significant blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences in Europe.

Leading Italian blockchain companies’ CEOs, thought leaders, influencers, and professionals in the field of blockchain technology made up the list of keynote speakers. There were keynote addresses, panels, conferences, seminars, socializing with the crypto-community, parties, and a gala dinner. By assisting in educating and integrating newbies into the market, CEM hopes to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Co-founder of Crypto Expo, Milan Valeria Pagano, announced that CEM was the first cryptocurrency and blockchain event ever held in Milan and was one of the very few in Italy. CEM will work with blockchain technology to reimagine the destiny of the economy and make a significant impact in finance as a common gathering place for industry leaders.

Visitors had the chance to attend conferences and educational seminars on blockchain technology with notable speakers, regional and international influencers, media guests, partners, and global leaders from the digital asset sector.

Crypto Expo Milan, just like Crypto Expo Dubai, offers a place for newcomers and skilled professionals to learn from professionals and develop lasting relationships in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, with an emphasis on education and discovery. It provides networking chances for business and consumer brands, blockchain developers, gamers, investors, traders, and fans.

Final words

While the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries have recently experienced some slowness, like the rest of the financial markets, interest in these sectors hasn’t diminished. In fact, it’s still increasing, which reflects the fact that more and more events are being held specifically for the developing industry.

But let’s face it, keeping up with all the events, seminars, and summits is getting harder and harder, whether you are a crypto enthusiast, a skillful investor, a blockchain geek, a business owner who wants to reach more customers through digital assets, or just new to the asset class.

In light of this, here are just a few of the most well-known events you might want to put on your calendar for upcoming crypto events in 2023:

Upcoming crypto events in 2023


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