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  • Anđelija Anđelić is an Italian language and lit major, and investigative journalist with a special interest in the crypto world and tech innovations. Exploring the ways our world is changing and bringing the freshest info is her passion.

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Crypto Industry News
Crypto funds attracted record investments in 2022

Investors took advantage of the cryptocurrency market correction and invested a record $274 million in digital assets.

17.05.2022 09:341 min read
Crypto Policy News
Nigeria equates cryptocurrencies to securities

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published new rules for regulating cryptocurrencies and equated them to securities.

16.05.2022 08:441 min read
Crypto Industry News
TRON Reserve buys $61 million bitcoins to back USDD

The TRON DAO Reserve has acquired bitcoin and TRON tokens to back the USDD algorithmic stablecoin.

11.05.2022 09:071 min read
Crypto Industry News
Bitget holds 200 BTC prize pool traders tournament

Crypto exchange Bitget has announced the annual King’s Cup Global Invitational 2022, KCGI. The competition will run from May 20 to June 10. Participants of the “Cup of Kings” will trade futures in individual and team standings. Registration does not require KYC. The main prize pool of the tournament will be up to 200 BTC. Bitget will […]

03.05.2022 16:461 min read
Crypto Industry News
Revolut will develop a crypto wallet and add a staking

Revolut is developing a crypto wallet and related functionality as part of its strategy to transform into a super app.

28.04.2022 09:031 min read
Business News
Elon Musk bought Twitter and Doge rise up 24%

Billionaire and inventor Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion and fueled the rise of DOGE Coin crypto.

26.04.2022 10:121 min read
Opera Bitcoin, Polygon, and Solana support
Crypto Industry News
Opera Browser adds support for Bitcoin, Polygon and Solana

Opera has added support for Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, Celo, Nervos Network, StarkEx, IXO, and the Ronin sidechain to the browser.

30.03.2022 15:541 min read
Business News
PayPal in Ukraine Fully Operational

PayPal in Ukraine is now fully operational and Ukrainian cards can already be linked to the PayPal accounts.

18.03.2022 16:101 min read
Crypto Industry News
5ire Special AirDrop Results Are Here

We finally have the results of the 5ire special airdrop to support Ukrainian nationals that ran from March 1 to March 12.

18.03.2022 09:201 min read
NFT News
TIME Magazine NFT Issue Comes Out Next Week

TIME Magazine releases a first full-length issue as NFT. The TIME Magazine NFT-issue cover features Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder.

18.03.2022 09:201 min read
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