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  • I am Karthikeya and with my knowledge and skills in crypto content writing, blogging, and storytelling, I bring visionary dreams to reality. On tradecrypto, I am going to write my learnings about NFTs, DAOs, and everything crypto. You can read me also on Ledger and ItsBlockchain.

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Future of Stablecoins in Broader Financial System
Blockchain Academy
What’s the Future of Stablecoins in Broader Financial System

Bitcoin, powered by blockchain technology, has inspired decentralized innovations across industries. However, it lacks practical usability. The extreme price volatility and foreign nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or any altcoin inhibit people from using them as a medium of exchange.  This pressing need to bring stability to crypto markets and pave the way for a […]

13.10.2022 14:2413 min read
Move-to-Earn: What it is and How Does It Work
Altcoin Academy
Move-to-Earn: What it is and How Does It Work?

You can make real money every time you go for a walk, run, or do a gym workout. Instead of how many calories you burned, you will be counting how much money you made. Sounds too good to be true, like one of those Ponzi schemes, right? Well, in the world of crypto, it is […]

10.10.2022 11:5215 min read
What is a Testnet and How Do People Earn With It
Blockchain Academy
What is a Testnet and How Do People Earn With It?

The cryptocurrency space offers many opportunities to make money. If you are good at trading, volatility can be your best friend when it comes to printing money, irrespective of market conditions. If you have deep technology expertise concerning hacking and debugging, you can find vulnerabilities in decentralized protocols and earn yourself a big bounty. You […]

30.09.2022 13:499 min read
TON crypto review
Tokens reviews
Toncoin network Analysis, Price, Prediction, Wallet Review

Toncoin (TON) Toncoin Price Toncoin to USD Chart Converter TON to USD TON Coin Price Prediction According to the CoinCodex Toncoin price forecast, the value of Toncoin will increase by 4.58% and reach $2.15 by January 2, 2023. The current sentiment is bearish, while the Fear & Greed Index indicates 28 (Fear). Toncoin recorded 19/30 […]

22.09.2022 10:5813 min read
How to Buy Bonfire Token on Trust Wallet
Altcoin Academy
How to Buy Bonfire Token on Trust Wallet

Update After the article was written, social media, blogs, and websites were paused. Given all this, we understood the project lost its value if it ever had one. What is the evidence? 1. Check the website. Zero activity. The links are supposed to work, but they don’t. 2. Check social media. They are active on […]

02.09.2022 00:208 min read
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