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The emerging Metaverse is a concept that seems straight out of science fiction. In fact, it was first described in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel, Snow Crash, and is now becoming a reality. It’s a universe of digital worlds that exist in real-time and which anyone can visit and participate. For instance, you can use it as a co-working space, and then afterward take an idyllic trip through one of the worlds, go see a music show, marvel at artworks at a virtual gallery, or just hang out with friends. The possibilities are pretty much limitless. 

What’s that have to do with crypto and blockchain, though? Well, they’re necessary if the economy of these virtual spaces is to function. Cryptocurrencies enable quick and secure transactions that happen almost instantaneously and are highly protected against hacking attempts.

All in all, metaverse sounds pretty exciting in providing a platform for people’s second lives, and it is! That’s why we are covering it with Meta News pieces and Meta Academy articles. Learn how to build and design virtual spaces, create immersive experiences for others, and much more in these worlds of the future now.

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