5 best crypto cards in 2023

Crypto debit cards are an uncomplicated way to pay for goods in the real world with cryptocurrency. While traditional debit cards are usually tied to a bank account, a crypto debit card allows users to access the purchasing power of their crypto.

When you use these cards, you usually get a certain percentage of the payment back in your crypto. Some even have various perks, such as free Spotify or Netflix.

Many crypto cards work with Mastercard and Visa, so they’re just as valid as other trad debit cards. So what’s the catch?

Our COO has been using a crypto debit card for some time. But due to stricter regulations, it’s soon to be phased out. Disclaimer: This is about the closure of the Binance crypto card in Europe.

We wrote this article to help you out of a similar situation.

Find out now the pros and cons of the best crypto cards for 2023.

Cards can come with different reward levels. A few of the most popular cards are:

5 best crypto debit cards are wirex crypto.com coinbase bybit etoro

1. Wirex debit card


  • no issuance, monthly or withdrawal fees and only a 1% fee to load accounts with cryptocurrencies;
  • cashback rewards of up to 8% on WTX and referral bonuses;
  • free standard delivery with no card maintenance or reissue fees;


  • you need WTX on your balance to receive rewards.


Created in 2014, the Wirex Card is a multi-currency Mastercard debit card that allows you to spend crypto and fiat currencies worldwide and earn up to 8% cashback in Wirex’s WXT tokens. Wirex has Cryptoback rewards, depending on your membership level. There are three membership levels: Free, Premium and Elite. Each level has three tiers: Entry, Enhanced and Ultimate. You can reach a higher level by locking more WXT tokens for 180 days. Higher levels offer higher Cryptoback rewards.

Peers reviews 

Josha Grin

September 14, 2023

Quite good experiences and also feels quite safe. They take it seriously to request the documents that are needed. Their platform has also certainly received quite a few improvisations over the period of 3 years. I have the feeling that the team is not sitting still and I really hope for the best for wirex, as this of course also means progress for me. Keep it up 💪


4 days ago

I am very satisfied so far with my Wirex experience (after a week of usage after receiving my card). Smooth onboarding, intuitive app, easy to navigate and even easier to cash in or buy cryptocurrencies
The Cryptoback rewards is definitely the cherry on top
It looks like this will fall quickly into my essential day-to-day app

Paul Ward

2 days ago

I have been with Wirex for some years. They recently asked me to do a re verification on my account. I have been waiting nearly 2 months and cannot do anything with my account. They are no longer responding to my enquiries as to progress. This is far worse than conventional banks which goes against the principle of crypto.

2. Crypto.com debit card


  • supports over 80+ cryptocurrencies and 20+ fiat currencies anywhere a Visa card is accepted;
  • no issuance or monthly fees;
  • rebates on streaming services;


  • you need CRO on your balance;
  • cards with better perks require more money staked.
  • rewards were slashed due to crypto winter


Crypto.com offers the highest crypto rewards on debit cards, but you must stake CRO tokens to earn them. The more CRO you stake, the higher your rewards. At the highest tier, with $400,000 staked, you’ll earn 5% on all purchases. At the lowest tier, a stake of $400 staked you 1% back. There are also perks for the highest levels, such as Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. As the rewards were significantly reduced, aside from the 2 most expensive Crypto.com cards, it makes little sense to use them for rewards.

Peers reviews 


I had the OG cdc card as well. I agree that it’s better for a company to slash rewards in order to survive the bear market. It shows that they have a strategy to get through and are prepared to take unpopular decisions that are needed to survive.

3. Coinbase debit card


  • supports up to eight cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH and LTC, wherever Visa is accepted;
  • pay with multiple cryptocurrency wallets, easy currency conversion;
  • multiple security features;
  • no ATM fees;
  • generous reward offers with no minimum account requirements.


  • cardholders must have a Coinbase account;
  • fees when the limit is reached.


Coinbase is one of the most popular digital currency exchanges in the world and the Coinbase card is our best choice for a Bitcoin debit card. UK and European residents have to pay a fee to get the card, but US residents can get the card for free. Coinbase also charges a range of fees, including a 2.49% cryptocurrency liquidation fee.

4. Bybit debit card


  • spend crypto anywhere Visa is accepted
  • no top-up or card usage fees from Bybit
  • competitive crypto-to-fiat conversion rates
  • earn up to 6% cashback on groceries, restaurants and other purchases


  • cardholders must have a Bybit account
  • you need to be aware of third-party fees for transactions
  • only for UK and Europe 


The Bybit Card is a prepaid debit card that allows you to spend your cryptocurrency directly from your Bybit account. It’s a good option for crypto investors looking for an easy way to use their crypto for everyday purchases like groceries, restaurants and other essentials. The card offers favorable crypto-to-fiat conversion rates and up to 6% cashback on eligible purchases.

5. eToro debit card


  • spend crypto or fiat
  • earn up to 2% cashback on eligible purchases (weekly payout in XLM)
  • no monthly/annual fees
  • seamless payments with Visa’s advanced security technology
  • ATM withdrawals worldwide (fees may apply)


  • cardholders must have an eToro account
  • you must be aware of any third-party fees for transactions


The eToro Visa card is a flexible and convenient way to spend crypto and fiat. It’s a good option for crypto investors looking for a card that offers cashback rewards, ATM access and seamless spending with Visa’s advanced security technology. The card earns you up to 2% cashback on eligible purchases, paid out weekly in XLM.


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