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  • Previously worked in the arts, now specializes in covering crypto with an emphasis on DeFi, blockchain and mass adoption. Offers simple and clear writing, always looking for new ways to present information. Major in International Relations, minor in English, in a spare time reads postmodern literature, does yoga and watches movies.

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Cornix crypto trading software review
Trading Soft reviews
Cornix automated crypto trading bot: honest review

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, as is interest in them. The threshold you think you need to meet to become a trader is actually not as high as you think. Anyone can be a trader. Especially when we consider automated trading software, like the tried and tested bots we’ve covered in detail in previous articles […]

29.03.2024 13:2712 min read
How to register an account on Bybit
Trading Academy
How to register an account on Bybit

Hello to all Tradecrypto readers. We’re about to give you a step-by-step guide on how to register on Bybit accompanied by a clear instruction on how to send and receive cryptocurrencies. As Binance has just undergone another wave of change and is now part of the Global Travel Rule Alliance to comply with FATF recommendations, […]

28.03.2024 12:515 min read
Immediate BitXDR Scam or not: Honest Review
Trading Soft reviews
Immediate BitXDR Scam or not: Honest Review

Immediate BitXDR Trading Bot, Scam or Not? A Few Words About My Experience With Crypto Trading Bots Whether you call me an experienced trader or not depends on your perspective. I’ve been into cryptocurrencies for a while and started training small amounts about 3 years ago. Last year I had a heavy workload and couldn’t […]

18.01.2024 11:439 min read
TokenTact crypto trading software bot review
Trading Soft reviews
TokenTact Review: A New Crypto Bot on the Block

My In-Depth Review of TokenTact I am both an experienced and adventurous crypto enthusiast. I love learning and trying new things, especially if they promise high returns for the time and money invested. I started crypto bot trading 2 years ago after spending a lot of time reading reviews on the internet. I was particularly […]

16.01.2024 14:5910 min read
8 best crypto cards in 2024
Crypto Companies Reviews
8 best crypto cards in 2024

Many crypto cards work with Mastercard and Visa, so they’re just as valid as other trad debit cards. So what’s the catch? Crypto cards are the next stage of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. I have just come from a store where I paid for my purchase with a Binance card. With the crypto debit card, […]

09.11.2023 18:0122 min read
10 Best Crypto Telegram Groups
Crypto Business Academy
10 Best crypto Telegram groups

🚀 Exploring the best crypto Telegram groups for trading insights and opportunities? Check these out:

Unlock a treasure trove of crypto knowledge! 💡🔒💰

30.08.2023 07:3113 min read
Top 5 defi marketing agencies
DeFi Academy
Top 5 DeFi marketing agencies: amplify success & community

🔮What’s the best way to market your DeFi project? Our latest article tells you the top 5 DeFi marketing agencies: Serotonin, Myosin.xyz, Scrib3, MarketAcross, and Spark + Mint.

These agencies know crypto, DeFi DAOs well and have an excellent track record. They understand the complexities of DeFi, blockchain, and financial markets, making them the top choice for your DeFi project.

But here’s the twist: While a solid marketing strategy is key, our article shows why community engagement is perhaps even more important. 🤔

03.08.2023 07:268 min read
Compatibility test: how to find the right crypto marketing agency
Crypto Business Academy
Compatibility test: how to find crypto marketing agency

“🔍 Navigating the crypto marketing world in 2023? Learn how to choose the perfect agency, verify their legitimacy, and check out the 🏆 top 7 crypto marketing agencies! 💼💡

14.07.2023 12:129 min read
Deutsche Bank applies for digital asset custody license
Business News
Deutsche Bank applies for digital asset custody license

🎉Deutsche Bank dives into crypto, applying for a digital asset license! 🚀 bitcoin responds with a price jump! 💰🔥 Bitcoin bull run?

21.06.2023 08:212 min read
SEC and Binance.US reach agreement on asset freeze
Crypto Industry News
SEC and Binance.US reach agreement on asset freeze

🚀Binance.US’s deal with the SEC gets a thumbs-up👍! Legal battles persist, but no “death penalty” for Binance.US.🔍🎢🤞

19.06.2023 08:373 min read
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