Trality – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Trality is a legit crypto trading bot. The development team offers several pricing plans and excellent security features, and could potentially become an industry leader.
Our rating 4.3/5

Main features

Code Editor
Python-based option enables the creation of very sophisticated bots, but also provides a debugger.
Rule Builder
Custom bots are created here with the help of an algorithm based on Boolean principles.
Backtesting and Paper trading options
Testing opportunities that provide users with an understanding of the impact their strategy has.

Pros and Cons Chart of Trality 


Numerous bot customization options
End-to-end encrypted
Good customer feedback


A limited number of supported exchanges
No mobile app

How to Use Trality? Full review

Trality is a great option for those who are tired of pre-defined bots and have an original trading strategy on their minds. To help their users maximize their profits, Trality provides a drag-and-drop interface that makes bot creation easier and more cost-effective than ever before.  

● Security 80

● Ease of use 80

● UI/UX 100

● Minimum deposit and payment options 100

● Demo account 50

● Support and tutorials 90

● Profit 90

● Overall rating 80

What Is a Trality Trading Bot?

The number of exchanges supported by Trality is quite low: only 4. Especially compared to what we have highlighted in our Coinrule review, this looks like a downside. Although, on the other side, these four are really the most reliable ones, letting us know that Trality wants to couple only with the most trustworthy partners.

What makes Trality special is the user-friendly interface which allows deep customization of the trading bots. The level of customization is very advanced, and Trality doesn’t have a lot of competitors in that regard.

Trality is a creation of two Austrian developers, Christopher Helf and Moritz Ptzhammer. The two conceived and launched the app back in 2018. 

Trality Desktop Platform Review

The software entirely runs on the cloud. Instead of making generic bots, Trality wants to provide users with tools to create their own bots. And there’s no space for fear, as Trality doesn’t expect their users to become developers overnight. Their idea is to make bot creation so simple, that anyone can do it. 

That is why they developed their revolutionary Code Editor feature. This Python-based option enables the creation of very sophisticated bots, but also provides a debugger. As one could imagine, this feature is best for people experienced in coding and crypto at the same time. There are many templates to start with.

The second feature that makes Trality stand out is Rule Builder. Custom bots are created here as well, with the help of an algorithm based on Boolean principles. The user sets indicators and strategies, thus easily creating their own bot.

Once the user completes setting up a bot, they can use Backtesting and Paper trading options, to make sure it works properly. These features work fast and are risk-free.

Trality doesn’t have a demo version, although their Pawn plan comes for free, and could be used for testing purposes.

How to Register On Trality and How It Works?

Creating accounts and starting your trading experience with Trality is similar to what we have explained in our previous reviews, such as when reviewing 3Commas.

Step 1. Open an account. As is usually the case with crypto trading bots, the only thing a user needs to do is to provide an email address and a strong password. After that, the user needs to confirm registration through email, and the account is created.

Step 2. Choose a plan. There are three premium plans and a free beginner plan to choose from.

Step 3. Integrate with an exchange. Provide API keys for each exchange you have an account and deposit on.

Step 4. Make a bot. Use Code Editor or Rule Builder to make your own trading strategy.

Step 5. Test the bot. Before discharging a bot, use the Backtesting feature to check their functionality.

Step 6. Start trading and earning. 

Trality: Security, Licenses, and Payments 

The Trality platform guarantees data safety. Their algorithm only trades signals between exchanges and doesn’t have access to any funds. Furthermore, even if the withdrawal was enabled, the API connection will fail immediately. Put simply, there is no concern for user data and funds.

What is great about their premium plans is that they all have an unlimited number of Backtests. This shows that Trality truly cares about users’ safety and benefits.

On the other hand, Trality doesn’t hold any official licenses. Since most crypto trading bots still don’t, this is not an immediate red flag. However, it would be nice to see this bot having one in the future, because that could really make it one of the leaders in the industry.

As it provides some advanced options, Trality has plenty of resources to speed up the learning curve. There are numerous tutorials, documentation, and FAQ pages on their website, blog, and YouTube channel.

Trality uses chess terminology to describe their premium plans: Pawn, Knight, Rook, and Queen. The prices and features included in these plans are given in the table below.

 PriceMaximum trading volumeSmallest tick intervalLive and Virtual bots allowedLog retention
PAWN €5,0006011 week
KNIGHT€9.99€25,0006021 month
ROOK€39.99€250,000556 months
QUEEN€39.99no limits110unlimited

Pro Tips for Successful Investing With Trality

According to some reports, the backtesting option might be buggy. Therefore, even after a successful backtesting results, users are advised to start trading with small amounts. 

Traders’ Feedback on Using Trality

Trality provides around-the-clock customer support, available via email. People agree that the app provides them with great value, awarding Trality with a 4.2 overall ratings. 

Final Verdict: Is Trality a Legit Crypto Bot? 

Trality is most definitely a crypto bot that is worth a shot. It may be especially attractive to advanced crypto traders, who have some coding experience in advance, and want to use it in order to maximize their crypto trade gains.

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FAQ on Checking Is Trading Bot a Scam

Is Trality legit?

Yes, Trality is a legit crypto trading bot. While they do not have any official licenses, they really care about the users. They offer several pricing plans, have excellent security features, and could potentially become a leader in the industry.

What are the best features Trality offers?

Unlike other platforms, Trality offers a chance to its users to create their own trading bots. This means that everyone can adopt and adapt a strategy tailored to their specific needs and style.

Is Trality worth the money?

While the pricing plans may seem pricy, Trality is a crypto trading bot that definitely deserves a chance. Of course, it boils down to weighing pros and cons in the end and making a personal decision, which is why we recommend a great deal of thinking before investing.

Is Trality beginner-friendly?

Their bot-creating feature is set up through a drag-and-drop editor, so one doesn’t need to know coding to create a bot. This makes Trality an extremely beginner-friendly platform.

Disclaimer: All information contained here should not, under any circumstances, be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.


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