8 best crypto cards in 2024

Many crypto cards work with Mastercard and Visa, so they’re just as valid as other trad debit cards. So what’s the catch?

Crypto cards are the next stage of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

I have just come from a store where I paid for my purchase with a Binance card. With the crypto debit card, I was able to use my USDT instantly with no fees. It’s a shame that Binance is closing this option in Europe. But luckily there are many other options on the market. With some of them will also earn nice cashback and cash bonuses. By the way, I earned 400 dollars cashback for a year with the same Binance.

In this article, Yana Popenkova and Svyatoslav Pinchuk will find out for you what cryptocurrency card offers will be available in 2024.

As a bonus, we will conduct a virtual experiment. Let’s take 1000 dollars and imagine that you have to spend 500 of them on payments, 400 on ATM withdrawals, and 100 on foreign payments. Then, we will calculate how profitable it is to take such a card.

Cards can come with different perks. A few of the most popular cards are:

Wirex Crypto.con Coinbase Bybit etoro Cryptowallet Trustee Bitpanda

1. Wirex card

Issuance and Reissue Fee:Plastic card is FREE, but shipping is PAID. Virtual card is FREE. Reissue is FREE.
Countries Supported: EEA, UK, USA, APAC. Here’s the full list
Deposit Requirement:$0
Commission for Entering Crypto:1% for USDT TRC-20
Commission for Conversion to Euro/Dollar: 2.7% with conversion always 1% lower market rate. Read: hidden fee.*
ATM Withdrawal Fee: Free up to 200 GBP monthly, 2% thereafter.
Cashback and Bonuses:Up to 8% with WTX token
Payments Abroad:$0, but note the hidden fee for conversion to local currency *
Physical Card and Digital Wallet Integration: Plastic card + Apple/Google Pay
Transaction Limits (per purchase/per day): EEA: 30,000 EUR; UK: 30,000 EUR; USA: 2500 USD /4000 USD. Full list here.
Supported Currencies:10 cryptocurrencies and over 150 fiat currencies.
Additional Info: You can close the card/account for free (after 30 days of prior form filling).
*Find details in the overview below

Commissions for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 in transactions: $3
  • $400 in ATM withdrawals: $2 fee per one withdrawal
  • $100 in foreign payments: $0
    Total: $5


  • no issuance, monthly or withdrawal fees and only a 1% fee to load accounts with cryptocurrencies;
  • cashback rewards of up to 8% on WTX and referral bonuses;
  • free standard delivery with no card maintenance or reissue fees;


  • you need WTX on your balance to receive rewards.


Created in 2014, the Wirex Card is a multi-currency Mastercard debit card that allows you to spend crypto and fiat currencies worldwide and earn up to 8% cashback in Wirex’s WXT tokens. Wirex has Cryptoback rewards, depending on your membership level. There are three membership levels: Free, Premium and Elite. Each level has three tiers: Entry, Enhanced and Ultimate. You can reach a higher level by locking more WXT tokens for 180 days. Higher levels offer higher Cryptoback rewards.

Peers reviews


Dec 27, 2023

Love Wirex Card & XAccounts
Love the card, use it everywhere local and travelling. Using XAccounts with the lock in for extra interest rates. Been doing business with Wirex for over 4 years. They are expanding their product range and services. Would like to see a higher ATM cash withdrawal.
Highly recommend Wirex.

byu/Ultimate_M8 from discussion

2. Bybit card

Best for: Rewards and cashback

Issuance Fee:Virtual card is for free, 5 EUR/GBP/USDT for physical card.
Countries Supported:EEA (except Croatia, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, and Romania)
Deposit Requirement:Bybit Card does not have its own wallet balance. It derives funds from your Bybit Funding account. 
Commission for Crypto Transactions:
0.9% crypto conversion fee. Full info here.
ATM Withdrawal Fee:Free for first 100 EUR/GBP monthly, 2% fee thereafter.
Cashback and Bonuses:Up to 10% cashback* with every month’s new cashback promotion. Daily Spend Rewards Points Table.
Payments Abroad:A crypto conversion fee of 0.9% and a foreign exchange fee of 0.5% for payments abroad.
Card Integration:Mastercard, global acceptance. But no Apple/Google pay integration.
Transaction Limits:Daily: 5,000 EUR/GBP, Monthly: 50,000 EUR/GBP, Annual: 250,000 EUR/GBP.
Supported Currencies:BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, USDC; EUR and GBP.
Additional Info:Both virtual and physical cards share the same spending limit.

Commissions for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 in Transactions: Conversion fee at 0.9% would be $4.50.
  • $400 in ATM Withdrawals: $100 is free, for $300 would be $6.
  • $100 in Foreign Payments: Foreign transaction fee at 0.5% would be $0.50.
    Total: $11


  • spend crypto anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • earn up to 5% cashback on groceries, restaurants and other purchases


  • only for Europe 
  • not the best ATM withdrawals conditions


The Bybit card works like a debit card, i.e. I’ve to load it with either fiat money or cryptocurrencies before I can use it for payments. You can pay with various cryptocurrencies such as USDT, USDC, Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum. However, the real advantage is the cashback I earn when I pay with these cryptocurrencies.

How much cashback I get depends on my VIP tier within the Bybit ecosystem. There are several tiers, starting from Regular Users all the way up to VIP Supreme. As a Regular User, I started with a cashback rate of 0.2%, but the higher I went, the higher the rate got — up to 10% for VIP Supreme.

Here’s the full table:

VIP TierMonthly Rewards Points CapCashback Rate
Regular Users5,0000.2%
VIP 137,5001%
VIP 275,0002%
VIP 3100,0004%
VIP 4150,0006%
VIP 5200,0008%
VIP Supreme300,00010%

Bybit also offers a monthly promotion where you get 5% cashback on purchases in a specific category that changes every month. This cashback promotion starts on the 14th of every month, giving me something to look forward to it and plan my purchases accordingly.

The cashback comes in the form of rewards points, which I find quite versatile. I can exchange these points for cryptocurrencies such as USDT, Bitcoin, XRP, USDC and Ethereum or even vouchers from Spotify, Ikea, Adidas, Playstation and Airbnb to name a few.

Peer Reviews

Jeroen M

Dec 5, 2023

Since I had to move my crypto from Binance (they can’t do business in the Netherlands anymore), I have moved to Bybit.

I have to say I am very impressed. Everything works and works fast. Simple deposits using iDeal and fast crypto withdrawals. Also the Earn section is very interesting. Hope Bybit can stay in the Netherlands!

Date of experience: December 05, 2023

Alain Kunnen

Dec 19, 2023

Bybit is a scam
Bybit is a scam, I loose 500€ by making a SEPA payment and I never received the funds. Despite my complains they pretended that they do not know the account their mobile application showed me… meantime they changed it on their app so I can not prove it!
For info, I sent several times my UID and all info’s even proof of payment with all details, contacted the support many times… no phone number to contact, no address to send a lawyer letter or official complains so no possibility to claim!

Date of experience: October 28, 2023


Dec 6, 2023

Here’s how to randomly lose money: use ByBit

I purchased leveraged tokens that didn’t arrive in my account, and the USDT I bought it with is gone. No records of the trades in my trade history. This is a bug or a straight up scam.
They also demanded statements of income a couple of weeks after first deposits. Inconvenient, but nothing compared to losing money like this. Again: don’t use ByBit.
PS ByBit: I will only remove this review once my funds have been returned and I received a written apology.

Date of experience: December 05, 2023

3. Trustee Payment card

Best for: ATM withdrawals

Issuance Fee:10 EUR for opening the virtual card.
Card Maintenance Fee:0 EUR.
Countries Supported:EEA
Commission for Entering Crypto: 0%, only network fees
Commission for Conversion to Euro/Dollar:Only EUR; Conversion to EUR at 0.5%.
Deposit Requirement:Not required; top-up your Trustee Wallet with crypto and exchange it to euros.
Commission for Crypto Transactions:Conversion to EUR at 0.5%.
ATM Withdrawal Fee (+ daily/monthly limits on ATM withdrawals):1.5% + 1 EUR for ATM cash withdrawals with NFC terminal. ATM withdrawal limits of 2,000 EUR daily and 20,000 EUR monthly.
Cashback and Bonuses:No
Payments Abroad:No info
Card Integration:Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Transaction Limits:Daily and monthly limits of 5,000 EUR and 50,000 EUR respectively.

Commissions for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 in Transactions: With a 0.5% conversion fee, the cost would be $2.50.
  • $400 in ATM Withdrawals: With 1.5% fee plus 1 EUR per transaction, that would be appr. $7.00
  • $100 in Foreign Payments: Conversion fee would apply, though not explicitly stated for foreign transactions.
    Total: at least $9.50


  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Instant conversion to local currency.
  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Can be used in stores and online worldwide.


  • Card opening fee of 10 EUR.
  • Conversion fee of 0.5% in EUR.
  • Limits on ATM cash withdrawals and transaction limits..


The Trustee Payment Card makes it easy to manage and issue cryptocurrencies. It supports 24 different cryptocurrencies and offers immediate conversion into the local currency at transparent and advantageous exchange rates. The card can be used in more than 60 million stores worldwide and for online purchases. Integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay enables convenient transactions.

Peer Review

Eugene Romanenko

Mar 3, 2023

Trustee Wallet has been a crucial…

Trustee Wallet has been a crucial product for me in recent 3 years. First, it enabled 100% crypto revenue from my services. Second, if I need some local fiat money to cover my expences, I can do it easy without any exchanges/KYC, just by selling crypto inside the wallet and get fiat on a bank card (i even don`t have my own one – use any card available, friends/family etc.) Third, t is non-custodial – I am safekeeping my funds without any effin` middlemen.

Date of experience: March 03, 2023


Apr 13, 2023

Great for purchase, exchange and easy conversion and deposit to your bank in fiat.

This app is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. As a business owner, I don’t have time for complicated interfaces. This is incredibly simplified, yet everything you need and more. This app has no data-sharing, good KYC standards and works on a very practical level – just absolutely works. After all the crashes of the exchanges, I just wanted a Wallet with exchange features but NOT an exchange. Trustee Wallet was introduced to me by a friend who has using it for two years now. Glad he did. You can put your mind at ease – I’m so glad I found this app.

Date of experience: April 03, 2023

Михайло Бедрій

Mar 3, 2023

Great app

Great app. Very easy to use and easy to understand. It is my first wallet and I was thinking of changing it. But I tried others and kept this one.

Date of experience: March 01, 2023

4. Bitpanda card

Best for: Everyday spending and earning cashback in BTC

Issuance Fee:Free for a physical card, but shipment is 9.90 EUR
Countries Supported:EEA countries
Deposit Requirement:Not required; Requires assets on your Bitpanda account balance.
Commission for Crypto Transactions:Not specified; transactions in EUR.
ATM Withdrawal Fee:Free of charge within your monthly BEST limits. Afterwards, €1.5 per withdrawal. *Some local banks may charge additional fees for withdrawals at their ATMs.
ATM Withdrawal Limits:350 EUR.
Cashback:0.5% to 2% in BTC for BEST VIP users. *
Payments Abroad:0.25-2.5%
Card Integration:Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay.
Transaction Limits:10,000 EUR Daily; NO weekly/monthly limits
Supported Currencies:All cryptocurrencies and precious metals on Bitpanda + Euro.
Additional Info:Visa security, real-time notifications via app.
* BEST is Bitpanda’s loyalty programme to incentivise customers to own and earn BEST throughout the whole Bitpanda ecosystem. How rewards are calculated, and how you can double your rewards in BTC, read here.

Commissions for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 in Transactions: Specific fees not detailed.
  • $400 in ATM Withdrawals: $1.5
  • $100 in Foreign Payments: $3
    Total: $4.5


  • You can spend a variety of assets, including crypto, metals and stocks.
  • No card or monthly account fees.
  • Cashback of 0.5% to 2% per transaction.
  • Security features supported by Visa.
  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


  • Card reissue fee of €9.90.
  • Fees for non-EUR transactions are between 0.25% and 2.5%.
  • Free ATM withdrawals are limited to BEST VIP levels.


The Bitpanda Card is a versatile debit card that allows you to spend cryptocurrencies, metals and stocks like a fiat currency. It’s accepted by over 54 million Visa merchants in more than 200 countries. There are no monthly account fees for the card and it integrates seamlessly with the Bitpanda app to simplify asset management.

And a tip for anyone considering the Bitpanda Card: all cashback rewards are paid out in BTC. It’s a straightforward way to build up you BTC holdings without additional effort. However, it’s important to note that this cashback scheme only applies to purchases made when I use a cryptocurrency or metals wallet as the payment asset. Using the EUR wallet directly, or making ATM withdrawals with the card, doesn’t qualify for cashback. Also, purchases made with stablecoins like USDC and USDT are excluded from the cashback program.

Peer Review

Vincenzo marino

Dec 30, 2023

Bitpanda platform and card
I have now been using the Bitpanda card and the services offered by the online platform for a few years.

always perfect and top-of-the-class assistance, in particular I would like to point out the trading section that concerns shares, well I needed to trade on an American share that trades OTC, I made a request to Bitpanda and they included it among the shares offered.

what to say? excellent service, I don’t know how many other platforms would do the same for their customers.

Date of experience: December 30, 2023


Nov 27, 2023

The customer service was excellent and…
The customer service was excellent and the apps were easy to use.
I had lost access to my account and it was handled with care and efficiency.
When I closed my account they did not ask any questions and were happy to help.

Date of experience: November 27, 2023


Oct 28, 2023

Bitpanda does exactly what it says. Great Company!
Bitpanda does exactly what it says. Has a very user-friendly website. The company is very honest & reliable and consistently adds value to its customers. I have been with this great company for many years and words alone are not enough to describe how much I love Bitpanda. Bitpanda is the creme de la creme of the crypto industry. Please keep up the great work.

Date of experience: October 28, 2023

5. Coinbase card

Issuance/ Reissuance Fee:No fee for U.S citizens; FREE issuance of virtual card for EEA residents, yet PAID physical card delivery (takes 2-3 weeks). Reissuance is FREE.
Countries Supported: EEA, UK, USA (excluding Hawaii).
Deposit Requirement:Not required.
Commission for Crypto Transactions:2.49% (except USDC).
Commission for Conversion to Euro/Dollar:No commission or hidden fee. The rates for conversions are based on the market or the government-mandated rates
ATM Withdrawal Fee:No Coinbase fee; ATM charges may apply. 2.49% of ATM withdrawal amount plus applicable ATM withdrawal fees (if an account is in other than USD coin)
Cashback and Rewards:0.5% on all purchases, even with USDC
Foreign Transaction Fee:2% outside U.S., 3% international purchase fee.
Card Integration:Visa, widely accepted.
Transaction Limits:$2,500 Signature purchase, $2,500 PIN purchase and no more than
$5,000 total per twenty-four (24) hours. More details in the Coinbase Cardholder Agreement.
Supported Currencies:All cryptocurrencies available on the Coinbase platform
Additional Info:Mobile app for management, security features.

Commissions for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 Transactions: $12.45 (2.49% fee).
  • $400 ATM Withdrawals: $0 if within limit, additional fees if over.
  • $100 Foreign Payments: $3 (3% fee).
    Total: $15.45


  • supports up to eight cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH and LTC, wherever Visa is accepted;
  • pay with multiple cryptocurrency wallets, easy currency conversion;
  • multiple security features;
  • no ATM fees;
  • generous reward offers with no minimum account requirements.


  • cardholders must have a Coinbase account;
  • fees when the limit is reached.


Coinbase is one of the most popular digital currency exchanges in the world and the Coinbase card is our best choice for a Bitcoin debit card. UK and European residents have to pay a fee to get the card, but US residents can get the card for free. Coinbase also charges a range of fees, including a 2.49% cryptocurrency liquidation fee.

Peer Reviews


ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE COMPANY! The customer support is atrocious! “You haven’t received your money? Have you tried clearing your browser cache? You have and it didn’t help? Well in that case, f* you, bye!” Is the average experience with their human customer support which always takes over half an hour to connect with. Avoid this st and shady company at all costs.

Date of experience: December 29, 2023

Daniel Kofman

Dec 31, 2023
Absolutely abysmal customer service
Absolutely abysmal customer service. Incredibly difficult to get in touch with an actual human and when you finally do its some incompetent lady who barley speaks english and isn’t helpful one bit, they weren’t even able to transfer me to the right person. Coinbase card was hacked and was not able to get anything resolved after hours of calling multiple times and trying other different things.

Date of experience: December 29, 2023

6. Crypto.com card

Best for: new Crypto.com card users with the highest rewards and cashback

Issuance and Reissue Fee:One-time physical card Issuance Fee: $4.99 for the first Midnight Blue card;
Reissue card fee: $7 for Midnight Blue, $50 for other visa cards; Virtual card is free.
Countries Supported:US, EEA, UK
Deposit Requirement:Minimum top-up with Debit / Credit Card: 20 EUR
Commission for Entering Crypto:Network fees
Commission for Conversion to Euro/Dollar:Not specified
ATM Withdrawal Fee:2% on amounts above the monthly free limit (from 200 EUR for Midnight Blue to 1000 EUR for Obsidian, depending on card tier. Check this info).
Cashback and Bonuses:varies with card tier
Payments Abroad:Within the EU and UK 0.2%; Outside the EU and UK 2.0%.
Physical Card and Digital Wallet Integration:Google Pay for EEA countries
Transaction Limits( daily/monthy):Midnight Blue: 100 EUR/3000 EUR; other tiers: 5000 EUR/5000 EUR
Supported Currencies: Supports a range of cryptocurrencies (exact number not specified; check the app) and fiat currencies (AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, USD, BRL, TRY)
Additional Info:Close Account: €50; Card Replacement Midnight Blue – €45.01. Other Card Tiers – €50

Commissions for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 in transactions: $3
  • $400 in ATM withdrawals: $2 fee per one withdrawal
  • $100 in foreign payments: $0
    Total: $5


  • supports over 80+ cryptocurrencies and 20+ fiat currencies anywhere a Visa card is accepted;
  • no issuance or monthly fees;
  • rebates on streaming services;


  • you need CRO on your balance;
  • cards with better perks require more money staked.
  • rewards were slashed due to crypto winter


The appeal of the Crypto.com card has waned somewhat compared to its initial launch, as it has faced criticism over its reduced benefits and declining quality of customer service. However, for users who are primarily looking for a straightforward way to spend their digital funds with a variety of merchants around the world, the card reliably fulfills these requirements. It remains a practical choice for those who primarily want to swipe a card at terminals to use their crypto funds.

Peers reviews

byu/BryanM_Crypto from discussion
byu/BryanM_Crypto from discussion


I had the OG cdc card as well. I agree that it’s better for a company to slash rewards in order to survive the bear market. It shows that they have a strategy to get through and are prepared to take unpopular decisions that are needed to survive.


Jan 2, 2024

Absolutely horrible
Absolutely horrible. Binance.com stopped their VISA program, so I needed a new provider. Ended up with crypto.com. Opened the account, sent 500 USDT via ERC20. That deposit STILL TODAY, almost 4 days later still isnt posted to the account. On the phone within the app it shows as pending.

Customer service on their “live chat” is also non-existent. Absolute shitshow. I opened the browser and started the chat about 1 hour after nothing was received on my newly created wallet. Its ERC20, can take a few minutes normally. Just glad I only fed 500 USD and not the full 35k to get this started.

So, long story short – 100% NOT professional. All adverts on different sites and their “customer experiences” are prolly all paid for.

Date of experience: January 02, 2024

7. eToro card

Issuance and Reissue Fee:Plastic card is FREE, but shipping is PAID. Virtual card is FREE. Reissue is FREE.
Countries Supported: UK
Deposit Requirement:$0
Commission for Entering Crypto:1% for USDT TRC-20
Commission for Conversion to Euro/Dollar:  eToro charges conversion fees according to PIPs. Conversion to EUR is between 1.5% and 3.0%. However, Deposit in EUR is free.
ATM Withdrawal Fee: There are no added fees; foreign bank fees may vary.
Cashback and Bonuses:Up to 8% with WTX token
Payments Abroad:No hidden fees.
Physical Card and Digital Wallet Integration: Plastic card + Google Pay
Transaction Limits (per purchase/per day): Up to £2000 a month with no transaction fee. If you hold a black eToro card, the limit is £10,000 per month. Once you have passed the limit, the fee is 1%.
Supported Currencies:All fiat and cryptocurrencies supported by eToro.
Additional Info: The eToro Money card is currently only available in the UK.
*Find details in the overview below

Commissions for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 in transactions: $0
  • $400 in ATM withdrawals: $0
  • $100 in foreign payments: Not specified.
    Total: $0


  • spend crypto or fiat
  • earn up to 2% cashback on eligible purchases (weekly payout in XLM)
  • no monthly/annual fees
  • seamless payments with Visa’s advanced security technology
  • ATM withdrawals worldwide (fees may apply)


  • cardholders must have an eToro account
  • you must be aware of any third-party fees for transactions


The eToro Visa card is a flexible and convenient way to spend crypto and fiat. It’s a good option for crypto investors looking for a card that offers cashback rewards, ATM access and seamless spending with Visa’s advanced security technology. The card earns you up to 2% cashback on eligible purchases, paid out weekly in XLM.

Peer Review

Eduardo Tapia Muñiz

Jan 3, 2024

Excellent customer service and great user experience

Excellent customer service (thanks Laurent !) And great user experience. Plus lota of events and useful info and tutorials. A few years back I started from scratch with etoro and now I advice people. I fully recommend etoro.

Date of experience: January 03, 2024

Martin Bonev

Dec 28, 2023

Easy, realible platform

Always a pleasure to work on the Etoro platform. Easy and accessible for beginners and more advanced investors like myself. I have been working with my accountant Stefan Mihailescu over 2 years now and he is being huge support. Always been there for me whenever I have questions and keeping in touch.

Date of experience: December 20, 2023


Dec 19, 2023

Reliable service, friendly app

Using eToro for 3 years. The app is user friendly, the variety of the stocks/ETFs/other instruments really impressive. Never had an issue with the technical side. Registration process takes a while – they do ask you to provide a lot of the docs, but it is reasonable if you want to trust the company your money. Tiers system is transparent and having a dedicated manager helps a lot (well done Jigal!)

Date of experience: December 17, 2023

8. CryptoWallet card

Issuance Fee:Free
Countries Supported:all EEA countries
Deposit Requirement:Funds in CryptoWallet account needed; no specific deposit requirement mentioned.
Commission for Entering Crypto:0.8% to 1.05%, depending on card tier.
Commission for Conversion to Euro/Dollar: Up to 0.8%
ATM Withdrawal Fee:Card is not launched yet.
Cashback and Bonuses:Up to 3% in $SPEND tokens*, based on card tier.
Payments Abroad:No info yet
Card Integration:No info yet
Transaction Limits:No info yet
Supported Currencies:Over 100 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, USDC, DOGE, SHIB, BNB, MATIC, ADA.
Additional Info:You can receive referral rewards in $SPEND each time your friends sign up on the CryptoWallet.com app.
*$SPEND is a vital utility token aimed to benefit customers and the platform alike. $SPEND can be earned and
used by eligible users in the following key ways (READ: staking. Find more info on card tiers and staking in CryptoWallet litepaper, p.12 )

CryptoWallet card is only LAUNCHING SOON.

Commission for spending 1000 USD:

  • $500 in Transactions: With 0.8% fee, you’d spend $4.00.
  • $400 in ATM Withdrawals: No news yet.
  • $100 in Foreign Payments: No news yet.
    Total: $4


  • Extensive cryptocurrency support.
  • Low transaction fees and no hidden costs.


  • Cashback and higher rewards are contingent on staking and have limits.
  • Optimized for use within the CryptoWallet.com ecosystem.


CryptoWallet is a one-stop shop for all your crypto transactions. You can store, buy and sell over 800 cryptocurrencies and spend them with the CryptoWallet card. Founded in Estonia, the company has a big mission to fulfill: The team believes in cryptocurrencies as much as fiat currencies and wants to promote mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Peer Review

Hành Trình Thực Phẩm Sạch

Sep 7, 2023

This is an amazing project with good…

This is an amazing project with good community am looking forward to.

Date of experience: September 04, 2023

Abimbola Hephzibah

Nov 18, 2023

CryptoWallet.com Customer Support

CryptoWallet team has been the most responsive and responsible crypto project team I have ever come across, I have been a good follower of the project since the inception of campaign for $SPEND token which will be listed in Q1 2024.

Date of experience: September 02, 2023

Mark Trader

Very bad wallet

Very bad wallet. As soon as you get more money on your wallet they will block it without an explanation and after that it is very hard to get your cryptocurrencies back.

Date of experience: October 27, 2023


  • Previously worked in the arts, now specializes in covering crypto with an emphasis on DeFi, blockchain and mass adoption. Offers simple and clear writing, always looking for new ways to present information. Major in International Relations, minor in English, in a spare time reads postmodern literature, does yoga and watches movies.

  • Man who simply bought some BTC for domestic needs in 2014 and then forgot about it till 2017. The dude who got Ethereum in 2017 by misclick and sold it in 2018 "just to try". Lost 1 Florida house in XEM in 2018, Sviatoslav finally decided to trade reasonably and now he is one of the most analytical and data-driven trader in Crypto Industry. Has Bachelor Degree of Chinese Interpreter and deep practical experience in competitive niches SEO.

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