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YouHodler Crypto Lending Review – Interest Earning

28.06.2022 16:48
by Srđan Jovanović
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YouHodler Crypto Loans Review

The world of crypto-backed lending has been expanding at a dizzying pace over the past several years, and such a rapid evolution has provided fertile ground for an increase in the number of specialized platforms offering these complex services to crypto holders. 

One such platform is YouHodler, a fintech company offering lending, borrowing, trading and conversion services using fiat, crypto, and stablecoins. YouHodler markets itself as a “world-class product” aiming to deliver traditional fiat services to digital asset holders, thus bridging the gap between the fiat and crypto worlds. 

Since its official launch in 2018, YouHodler has seen a staggering rise in the number of its daily users, likely driven by the platform’s attractive offer for those who seek to deposit their crypto assets and earn passive income through high interest rates, as well as high loan-to-value (LTV) percentages for those who wish to borrow funds.

One notable fact about YouHodler is that it is currently not available to users in the United States, China, Russia, and several other countries which you can find listed here. In addition to that, the savings functionality is not available to users in Switzerland.

YouHodler Pros and Cons 

YouHodler App

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  • Favorable interest rates for crypto deposits. Users have the opportunity to earn up to 12% annually in interest by investing in certain coins on YouHodler. These high interest rates on crypto deposits beat out a lot of other crypto lending platforms.
  • Attractive crypto pledges. These are also a clear advantage of YouHodler, as the platform allows its users to create a full-fledged receipt of a certain fiat currency or crypto amount as a pledge of digital assets. 
  • Extensive set of tools for profitable high-risk trading. In addition to lending, YouHodler’s trading platform provides extensive functionalities for active day trading and spot trading. 
  • High level of security. YouHodler’s KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) verification procedures provide a high level of investor protection and also guarantee the safety of their capital. The platform also incorporates LedgerVault’s security technology which works to protect and secure the crypto funds running on the platform and provides a crime insurance program for up to $150m worth of crypto assets.
  • Great customer service. In case of any questions and problems when trading on the YouHodler app, crypto holders have the opportunity to receive a round-the-clock consultation from the YouHodler trading platform support service. 


  • Not available to US customers. Users who are based in the United States cannot use the platform due to legal restrictions, and using a VPN does not solve this problem. This applies to a number of other countries, too.
  • Low investment threshold and requirements. Due to the absence of strict investment rules and requirements, the platform is available to a large number of clients, which puts a load on the main trading networks and also forces the project team to develop more primitive and understandable forms of interaction with digital assets.
  • Low level of reporting and financial transparency. The YouHodler company does not publish detailed reporting on its activities, which complicates the process of investigating the financial possibilities of their platform, as well as the availability of reserve funds to meet the sharp demand for fixing or withdrawing liquidity from the crypto trading platform.
  • High interest rates on loans. This is a classic downside of any financial institution that provides cash loans. Due to the lack of healthy competition, YouHodler is able to set high interest rates on loans.

YouHodler Platform Background

Ilya Volkov

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YouHodler was founded as a fintech startup in 2017, with CEO Ilya Volkov and his team spending over a year working on their experience and expertise in Silicon Valley. After this early inception phase, YouHodler was originally launched in Cyprus, but the team continued searching for another permanent base across the world, which ended up being the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland. The company is now an established EU and Swiss-based brand with plans of opening new European branches such as one in Paris, France. 

YouHodler is a certified member of the Blockchain Association, an independent self-regulatory body working to establish a safe and certified network of digital asset companies that uphold the highest of standards regarding their business practices within the crypto and blockchain communities.

According to YouHodler’s dedicated Stats page, the average balance of coins and tokens per user is valued at $12,263. The platform has over 184,000 active monthly users in April 2022.

YouHodler has an average score of 4.3 on Trustpilot.  

To date, the company has not released any financial reports nor any information regarding its investors’ earnings or losses. The lack of transparency in this respect is explained by their intention to keep YouHodler’s exact business model and other pertinent information undisclosed for the sake of maintaining their competitive edge.

YouHodler has its own blog featuring articles from industry experts. You can also stay up to date on YouHodler news and developments via the platform’s social media accounts such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit.

What Makes YouHodler Special? 

To start off, YouHodler is openly committed to providing top-level security assurances and an excellent customer experience to its users. It is evident that the team behind this company is pulling out all the stops to build a sense of trust and community by incorporating features that have demonstrable benefits to users, whether they are seeking to lend, borrow, trade or convert their assets. 

The functionalities of the platform that make it stand out among the crowd are as follows:

  • Highest LTV on the market of up to 90%. Users are able to take out a loan in the amount of 90% of their deposited crypto collateral; 
  • Interest rates on crypto deposits of up to 12% per annum depending on the digital asset; 
  • Unique features such as Multi HODL and Turbocharge that allow customers to take out several loans at once by cascading them;
  • Crypto savings accounts with major European banks and partnership agreements with trusted fiat currencies’ interest payment providers;
  • Support for a large number of payment solutions, including bank cards, wire transfers and Stablecoins;
  • Continuous developments and improvements. The YouHodler team asserts that they add a new feature every week depending on what’s in demand by their users.

How Does YouHodler Work?

YouHodler app

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At its core, YouHodler’s savings feature is one of the best parts about this platform. The company encourages asset holders to deposit their crypto holdings to gain interest on them over time (as high as 12% on certain Stablecoins). The interest rates depend on the cryptocurrency you deposit, which we will talk about a bit later. 

Additionally, the platform provides crypto-fiat loans, allowing users to borrow fiat funds based on the value of their digital asset holdings and according to a specified loan repayment period. 

Apart from the above core functionalities, YouHodler also serves as a trading, exchange, and conversion platform for crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat, and crypto-stablecoins conversions. Users can also withdraw fiat funds to their personal bank accounts using the platform.

YouHodler’s business operations are not completely transparent as the company has not so far released any financial reports that could testify to the company’s yearly income or losses. However, they maintain transparency in terms of what they use their clients’ deposits for, which is only to support their lending services. Loans are secured by the borrowers’ crypto collateral, not by other users’ savings. Additionally, YouHodler doesn’t speculate with their users’ deposits or risk them in DeFi protocols.

What are YouHodler Services?

Crypto-backed loans 

Users can take out loans on YouHodler using their own crypto as collateral, meaning there is no peer-to-peer lending: the transfer of funds gets executed instantly upon approval. In return for their crypto assets, users choose a loan amount in fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, but also BTC or Stablecoins. Users are able to withdraw their collateral as soon as the loan has been repaid, even if the collateral’s value has since increased. 

Loans are subject to repayment terms. After choosing the cryptocurrency you plan to use as collateral (the platform accepts over 40 major cryptocurrencies for this purpose), enter the desired currency and amount of loan funds you wish to receive. Then, select your preferred LTV (Loan-To-Value) plan, and their built-in calculator will display the amount of crypto you need to deposit to get a loan. 

YouHodler loans

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YouHodler currently offers the following six LTV plans for their loans:

LTV: 90%Loan duration: 30 daysLoan fee: 2.5%Price down limit: -5%LTV: 90%Loan fee: 1%Loan duration: 10 daysPrice down limit: -5%LTV: 70%Loan fee: 3.2%Loan duration: 61 daysPrice down limit: -25%
LTV: 60%Loan fee: 5%Loan duration: 91 daysPrice down limit: -35%LTV: 50%Loan fee: 8%Loan duration: 180 daysPrice down limit: -40%LTV: 50%Loan fee: 13.5%Loan duration: 365 daysPrice down limit: -40%

You can also choose to set a Take Profit level for your loan using the Set Close Price feature. With this feature enabled, the platform automatically sells a portion of your collateral to repay your loan as soon as the value of the collateral reaches a specified point. The rest of the collateral is deposited back into your balance.

The minimal loan amount is 100 USD/EUR/GBP/etc.


Among its specialized products, YouHodler offers a high-risk tool called Turbocharge that allows users to take out a cascade of loans in order to potentially generate higher profits. Turbocharge works by the users depositing crypto assets as initial or base collateral, after which the platform automatically uses the fiat funds received in exchange to buy more crypto that is then used to secure an additional loan. This can be done between 3 and 15 times.

Each extra loan is only meant to double the crypto used as collateral for a subsequent loan, meaning that users do not receive any of this money. They win only if the cryptocurrency’s market value goes up. However, if the value goes down, the user engaging in this transaction will not only lose all these funds, but they might also lose all of their initial crypto deposit and be left with just some leftover fiat cash. This is something to seriously consider before trying out the Turbocharge feature.

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Borrow to get more crypto

Interest earning on crypto

YouHodler’s savings function allows users to deposit their crypto holdings in over 60 different types of altcoin to earn attractive interest on them over time. Interest rates vary according to the type of cryptocurrency you deposit. 

For their complete and up-to-date list of coins they have on offer and their savings rewards, visit the dedicated page on YouHodler. Meanwhile, here are some of their most prominent coins and their interest rates:

Youhodler currencies

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Multi HODL

The Multi HODL margin trading tool is another feature that allows you to leverage your crypto savings and bet on how the value of a cryptocurrency pair will change (i.e. whether it will go up or down) over a specified time period. It also creates a chain of loans (up to 50 times) with the user’s specified deposit amount as the initial collateral. 

YouHodler recommends that you use no more than 20% of your total deposited assets for this feature. Never commit all of your holdings to a margin trading instrument such as this. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and it is often impossible to predict price movements in the short term, which increases the risk of loss. 

Crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat conversions 

YouHodler has a very practical conversion tool for crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto, which can be accessed via the user’s YouHodler wallet. Any sort of conversion may be done using the same tool. Note that the minimum crypto-fiat or fiat-crypto conversion amount is 30 USD. 

The conversion times on YouHodler are as follows:

  • Stablecoins ↔ Stablecoins – instant
  • Crypto ↔ Fiat – instant
  • Fiat ↔ Stablecoins – instant
  • Crypto ↔ Crypto – 5-30 min
  • Crypto ↔ Stablecoins – 5-30 min

Buying crypto using fiat

If the user does not have any digital coins but wants to obtain some on YouHodler, they can easily buy crypto using the aforementioned conversion tool. All the user needs to do is deposit some EUR, USD, CHF, or GBP to their fiat wallet, and then select the Convert option to pick which cryptocurrency to convert to. Once the conversion has been completed, the user will be able to see the acquired crypto amount in its respective wallet.

Withdrawing fiat funds

The user’s fiat cash will display on the Wallets tab immediately after converting crypto to fiat or obtaining a loan on YouHodler. They will then see many alternatives for withdrawal by selecting the Withdrawal button. The processing times, commissions and minimal withdrawal amounts are listed below.

Bank wire processing times:

  • USD (SWIFT) – up to 5 days;
  • EUR (SEPA) – up to 2 business days;
  • EUR (SWIFT) – up to 5 days;
  • GPB, CHF – up to 3 days.

What are Lending Fees and Penalties

Here is an overview of some of the most relevant fees for YouHodler services:

For an exhaustive and up-to-date list of all fees, commissions and limits on YouHodler, visit this page on their website. 

YouHodler Web and Mobile App Review 

It is evident that the YouHodler team put in a lot of time and effort into making their platform look and feel modern and easy to use with its neat interface and cloud-native architecture. 

The branding and featured illustrations are bright and energetic, whereas site navigation is clear and intuitive, allowing users to find the information they’re looking for in just a few clicks, or simply by clicking on the support icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and typing in the desired term into the search bar. 

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Likewise, the YouHodler mobile app provides the same features as their web platform in a compact interface and a user-friendly navigation system, allowing you to control your loans, accumulated interest on your crypto, Turbocharge status and all other services directly from your mobile phone. Customer support can also be contacted directly from the app.

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How to Register with YouHodler Network?

The process of signing up for YouHodler’s services is simple and requires some straightforward identity verification (KYC). 

To create an account, go to the Sign Up page and enter your basic information: country of residence, email and password.

YouHodler Form

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Once you’ve gone through this step, you will be able to log into your account which will redirect you to your Profile page. 

Before you can use any of the platform’s functionalities, you will need to verify your account by confirming you are not a US citizen, signing the Beneficiary Ownership Confirmation (a document confirming you are the sole beneficial owner of the funds you will be using on the platform), then uploading a scanned copy of a government-issued ID and a photo of yourself. 

Sign your contract
Sign your contract US persons

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Note that for fiat (wire) transactions you will also need to provide proof of residence, such as a bank statement or utility bill containing your full name and address.

What People Say About YouHodler – Is It Safe to Use YouHodler Loans?

With just under 185,000 monthly users and a Tradepilot score of 4.3, YouHodler users seem reasonably happy with the services provided by this growing platform. 

Some negative comments are in regard to YouHodler’s overzealous promotion of high-risk trading and crypto leveraging instruments such as their Multi HODL and Turbocharge products without sufficiently explaining the risks surrounding them. 

Another potential cause for concern is the company’s lack of financial reporting. Without publicizing information about YouHodler’s yearly revenue, losses and growth, crypto investors cannot be sure that the company has the necessary liquidity and reserve fund to continue running their services in case of market drops. 

However, YouHodler seems committed to maintaining high levels of security through LedgerVault, a leading security service for crypto and blockchain applications. Apart from their advanced IT infrastructure, the company also holds LedgerVault’s pooled customized crime insurance to the amount of $150m in crypto assets.

YouHodler vs Celsius vs Nexo 

YouHodler, Celsius and Nexo have many similarities in terms of the services they provide. For instance, Nexo allows its customers to borrow fiat and receive certain dividends in digital coins; the YouHodler crypto wallet app also provides loans and crypto savings accounts; and Celsius was created to earn and lend in crypto assets through their mobile app.

However, when it comes to providing crypto lending services, YouHodler is clearly taking the lead thanks to their high LTV ratios of up to 90%, as well as a 12% interest rate on certain stablecoins. YouHodler also offers the lowest threshold for their loan amounts. 

Nexo has more collateral options than YouHodler, as well as its own credit card. However, YouHodler offers its users the ability to hold several assets at once, and it also has a multifunctional conversion system. As far as security is concerned, the platforms are roughly equal here, since both are equipped with LedgerVault technology.

Given the chosen parameters, YouHodler stands out from the competition due to the skillful and profitable combination of high-yield mechanisms, top-notch security systems and overall better customer experience. 


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YouHodler’s mission boils down to what many crypto aficionados aspire to: an expanded utility of digital assets and an end to passive holding in favor of interest earning. It is evident that the core team behind this platform truly believes in cryptocurrency as the logical next step in the evolution of the global financial ecosystem. 

All this being said, just like many of its competitors, YouHolder is not too transparent about its business model; for instance, the company has yet to discuss how it manages to offer such high interest rates on nearly all types of coin deposits. Nevertheless, the YouHodler team remains firm in its stance not to reveal their business strategies to the general public in favor of staying ahead of competition.

However, just by looking at some of their more advanced products, such as Multi HODL and Turbocharged, and their accompanying rollover fees and profit shares, you start to gain a better understanding about how YouHodler manages to maintain such attractive conditions. 

All in all, YouHodler is a safe and profitable choice for crypto holders who simply wish to deposit their coins into a savings account and earn interest on them over time. For riskier tools, we advise users to read the fine print and always consider all the potential repercussions of doing high-risk transactions on any third-party app, not just YouHodler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouHodler legal?

YouHodler is a thoroughly vetted company, registered in accordance with Swiss laws. Official company information as listed on their website:
Company Registration no. IDE/UID CHE-336.197.657
YouHodler SA has pawnbroker authorization from the commercial police of the Canton of Vaud. Authorization # LEAE-PGG-EV-2020-0001
YouHodler SA is a member of the SRO PolyReg and operates as a financial intermediary in accordance with art. 2 par. 3 Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA-CH)
YouHodler SA is affiliated with Financial Services Ombudsman FINSOM. Affiliation confirmed 14.12.2020

Is YouHodler suitable for long-term loans?

This platform is not the best choice for users who need a long-term loan as the interest rates for those are very high.

Is YouHodler available in the US?

Currently, due to legal restrictions, people located in the United States are not able to sign up for the YouHodler platform.

Where is YouHodler located?

YouHodler’s parent company is based in Cyprus but the platform is headquartered from Switzerland.

Are there any special procedures required to use YouHodler?

YouHodler requires new users to verify their accounts before they can use the platform’s functionalities and this is done through standard KYC i.e. identity verification procedures (providing a government-issued ID, a photograph of yourself, and in some cases proof of residence).

Disclaimer: All information contained here should not, under any circumstances, be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.


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