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  • Long-time editor, crypto enthusiast, and all for free trade. Also a social scientist, musician, and a thorough-going liberal. Wrapped up a degree in linguistics, an MA in politics, and a PhD in history. Six postdocs afterwards. Speaks English, Serbian, Czech, and Swedish, communicative in German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Slovak, Norwegian, and even some Mandarin. Cryptocurrencies are the future.

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Cryptocurrency Accounting for Business
Crypto Business Academy
Crypto trading accounting for taxes – Part 3

How to Do Crypto Trading Accounting for Taxes? This is the third and final part of our in-depth guide to crypto accounting for businesses. Previously, we introduced the topic and discussed how to manage crypto accounting. Now, we’ll explain how readers can handle related taxes, crypto mining accounting, as well as take a look at […]

28.09.2022 16:248 min read
Cryptocurrency Accounting for Business
Crypto Business Academy
How to manage Crypto Accounting: Selecting Software – Part 2

How to Manage Accounting Crypto? Here is the second part of our ultimate guide to crypto accounting for businesses. Last time, we introduced the topic and discussed the reasons why businesses should (or shouldn’t) use crypto. Now, it’s time to explain the intricacies of managing crypto accounting, including the best crypto accounting software. So, let’s […]

28.09.2022 16:1513 min read
Crypto Industry News
India’s Financial Crime Agency Investigating CoinSwitch Kuber

Indian authorities continue the battle against crime in the crypto industry. After going after India’s largest crypto exchange, WazirX, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is now investigating another large Indian crypto exchange – CoinSwitch Kuber. According to an unnamed spokesperson who spoke to Reuters, ED has accused CoinSwitch of violating the country’s forex laws. Because of […]

29.08.2022 09:311 min read
NFT News
Bored Ape Yacht Club on M&M Candies

We have seen the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection as toys, on the packaging of alcohol and marijuana products, and in a music video made by Eminem & Snoop Dogg. Now, the Apes’ likeness can also be found on M&M candies in 10,000 candy packages released by Mars Wrigley. Mars partnered with Universal Music […]

25.08.2022 09:241 min read
Crypto Industry News
SudoRare Disappears with Users’ ETH

In what is most likely a rug pull as part of a con, the AMM protocol SudoRare has disappeared from the web with users’ 519 ETH (equaling some $815,000) in its pockets. SudoRare has presented itself as a legitimate automated maker protocol for swaps between ERC-721 and ERC-20 token standards. Now, 519 ETH was drained […]

23.08.2022 09:261 min read
Crypto Industry News
Australian Exchange Swyftx Parts Ways with 21% of Workforce

Bad news in the ranks of the Australian crypto exchange. Namely, Swyftx has joined the long line of crypto companies that were forced to cut a substantial portion of their workforces, amid the crypto winter. Swyftx let go 21% of its staff, amounting to 74 former employees. The company cited factors such as rising inflation, […]

19.08.2022 09:081 min read
Crypto Industry News
BitBoy vs. Atozy in the District Court of Georgia

One of the most popular crypto influencers on YouTube, Ben Armstrong (a.k.a. BitBoy Crypto) is pressing charges against another Youtuber, Erling Mengshoel Jr. (a.k.a. Atozy). BitBoy claims that Atozy has made a series of defamatory statements in this video. Among other things, Atozy said in the video that BitBoy is a fraudulent influencer, who is […]

17.08.2022 09:271 min read
Crypto Industry News
Crypto Data Leak Within the Email Marketing Provider Klaviyo

The email marketing company, Klaviyo, suffered a phishing attack mostly targeting its crypto firm customers. The attacker(s) managed to get hold of login credentials from one of Klaviyo’s employees, and then used its customer support tools to obtain data. Overall, they gained access to confidential information about 44 crypto companies, including the wallet Edge, intelligence […]

12.08.2022 09:481 min read
Global Market Cap Drops Below $1 Trillion
Crypto Industry News
Global Market Cap Drops Below $1 Trillion

According to CoinGecko, the combined value of all cryptocurrencies has fallen below $1 trillion. After a week of rising prices, the consequences of the crypto winter are evident again. The current global crypto market cap amounts to some $997 billion. Ethereum is trading for $1,463, which is about a 10% decrease since last week. Bitcoin’s […]

27.07.2022 09:571 min read
Bitcoin symbolically representing the cryptocurrency ecosystem
Blockchain Academy
The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

‘Cryptocurrency ecosystem’ is a phrase that might sound complicated and even a bit scary. In reality, that is quite far from the truth. The Crypto community only needed those words as a logical umbrella for 3 key elements that keep our world of crypto finance up and running smoothly: exchanges, wallets, and coins themselves. Being […]

25.07.2022 14:305 min read
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