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Coinrule Full Review: How to Use, Pricing, and More

Even people who know nothing about cryptocurrencies are aware that they are potentially very profitable, albeit risky and volatile. It is clear that there are great earning opportunities hiding in the crypto market, but how to find them? Crypto bots such as Trality, Coinrule, or Bitsgap are there to help us find and make use of these opportunities. In most cases, they will use the computing power of AI to monitor the crypto market and trade in case of beneficial circumstances. 

Crypto bots can be of great help, but there are so many of them. For most users, finding a crypto trading bot they can trust, is not an easy task.  We hope that our Coinrule review will make it easier for you to decide if it’s a piece of cake or not.

Coinrule is a London-based crypto trading bot that helps users trade on various exchanges with customized trading strategies. Although a bit costly, Coinrule hides great options that can turn the crypto trade into a serious business endeavor.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

Coinrule full review overview

Pros and Cons

Coinrule trading bot pros and cons

About Coinrule: Team and Main Feature

Coinrule crypto trading autopilot has been in the market since 2018, when it was developed in one of Europe’s major financial centers. Interestingly, the company benefited from investments obtained through crowdfunding. The company is very transparent in terms of its team, vision, and mission. Info on all of the team expert members is on the Coinrule website. Apart from graduating from Harvard and London School of Economics, CEO Gabriel Musella has international experience in FinTech companies, major international corporations, and even the public sector.

About Coinrule: main features

By taking advantage of Coinrule’s algorithm, the users can profit from crypto volatility with little or no effort. The app provides trading templates but also allows advanced users to create their own trading strategies. 

Coinrule: Desktop Crypto Bot Review

The cloud-based technologies of Coinrule enable trading across more than 10 reliable exchanges, including Kraken, Coinbase, and Binance. Therefore, it doesn’t have any direct access to the user’s funds. It only does the trading on the behalf of the user on chosen exchanges, and nothing more than that.

Unfortunately, Coinrule’s features are not available on mobile phones. 

The app has a list of over 150 rules users can combine to build a coherent trading strategy. Stop Loss, Price-Based Accumulation, and trend-Following Rebalancing are only some of them. The user can easily change or pause the rules. 

Also, the app generates trading signals and emails them to the user, thus helping the user make the right choices and in the right moment.

Coinrule: Desktop Crypto Bot Review

Coinrule has a demo version, to help beginners and new users get used to their interface. At the same time, most users agree that the interface is very intuitive and easy to work with. 

Additionally, users who like to experiment with custom strategies will have the benefit of backtesting. Historical data will be provided in the TradingView section, with details on the strategy’s profitability and maximum drawdown.

If this is what you like about Coinrule, you might also want to check Cryptohopper. This software allows you pre-live testing, or testing without any losses.

Coinrule: Sign Up and Set Up a Trading Strategy

How to register on Coinrule

Step 1. Sign up. The user needs to navigate to Coinrule’s website, pick a plan, and provide an email address and password.

Step 2. Confirm email address.

Step 3. Connect Coinrule with exchange(s) you use.

Step 4. Create a trading strategy.

Step 5. Test the strategy in demo mode.

Step 6. Start trading.

Coinrule: Security and Premium Plans

As of writing, Coinrule doesn’t have any license that would officially prove its reliability. However, it is definitely legit as the company is registered in the UK under the number 11265766.

To ensure users that they are safe with Coinrule, the app employs 2FA and solid encryption.

Coinrule: Security and Premium Plans

Once they create a free account, the user can choose among four different plans, according to personal needs and preferences. 

The starter package is absolutely free, but its maximum monthly trading volume is limited to $3,000, the number of strategies to 7, and the number of demo and live rules to 2. With this plan, the user can integrate Coinrule with only one exchange.

With the hobbyist pack, the user gets a one hundred times higher monthly trading volume limit for $39.99 (or $359 annually). The number of strategies they can use is 40 with this plan, while the number of live and demo rules jumps to 7. Additional features are unlocked asa well: live customer support and access to Trader Community. 

The trader pack comes at a price of $79.99 (or $499.99 annually). This plan is suited for people experienced in the crypto trade, allowing a $3 million trading volume and an unlimited number of template strategies. Live and demo rules are limited to 7, and the number of exchanges to 3. An additional feature here, except those from the hobbyist pack, is the one-on-one trading section.

Tips for Pros

Aside from Coinrule subscription plans, which are already high-priced, a user might have to pay some trading fees as well. Therefore, if a user plans to trade with high amounts, it is advisable to test strategies before letting them trade with real money.

Customer Support and User Feedback On Coinrule

Coinrule user feedback and customer support

It is possible to contact support via email and phone number.

Although TrustPilot doesn’t have many reviews (only 54), a large majority of these reviews rated Coinrule as excellent. The overall score is 4.3, which is a ranking worthy of a trusted and reliable company.

If there are any relevant complaints, they say that the platform is too complicated to use and not beginner-friendly. 

Our Verdict: Is Coinrule Legit?

Is Coinrule Legit

Coinrule is most definitely a legit app, that can potentially bring hefty income. However, users should have in mind that prior knowledge and experience with crypto trade and apps alike might be required. Beginners should learn about the platform and potential risks in advance. 

FAQ on Checking If Coinrule Is a Scam

What is Coinrule?

Coinrule is a semi-automated trading bot platform. It has been in existence since 2017 and is registered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Can I trust Coinrule?

Coinrule is not a scam. It is a legit trading bot that offers numerous benefits. Although no authorities have issued a license to Coinrule, it is registered with the Deutch Chamber of Commerce. It also doesn’t require any funds, which protects against hackers. Coinrule has been voted in the top three crypto trading bots in 2021 by numerous crypto websites.

Who can use Coinrule?

Coinrule is an excellent option for beginners and experts. It offers a fully automated mode that is suitable for beginners, but also only partial automation for more experienced users.

Disclaimer: All information contained here should not, under any circumstances, be construed as financial advice, investment recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation for, any transactions in cryptocurrencies.


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