TokenTact crypto trading software bot review

Top reasons why its a SCAM

Fishy website
Stock images, text without content
No social proof
Absence of trustworthy customer testimonials
No customer support
Simple chatbot support without human contact

My In-Depth Review of TokenTact

I am both an experienced and adventurous crypto enthusiast. I love learning and trying new things, especially if they promise high returns for the time and money invested.

I started crypto bot trading 2 years ago after spending a lot of time reading reviews on the internet. I was particularly interested in automated crypto bot trading as it can monitor and execute trades without my constant attention.

The reason for my extensive research and willingness to try out new software is due to the different capabilities and approaches of these bots. Each bot has its algorithm, risk management features, and user interface, so some are better suited to certain trading styles and risk profiles than others.

By reading reviews and experimenting with different bots, I wanted to find the most reliable and user-friendly tools on the market. 

In doing so, I realized that there are a lot of fishy reviews about obvious scam bots. And there are some patterns of these bots, and some scammers create multiple scam sites to trick you into wasting time and money.

Recently, a new tool came to my attention – TokenTact, a crypto trading bot that, as they say, uses advanced AI-driven strategies to increase my profits.

The bot's selling point was a 95% win rate, the highest you could ever find on the web. And disclaimer: this is not possible.

That immediately caught my attention. And reminded me of the scam tactics of bots like Bitcoin Superstar, Bitcoin Champion, Crypto Code, and others. If you ever see such high, too-good-to-be-true promises, you should view them with great skepticism. Not only are these high success rates unusual, they are unrealistic.

Of course, automated crypto trading bots are useful, but they are not infallible. These bots use AI algorithms to analyze market data through technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis (don’t be afraid of those terms, as those AI bots will do those for you). However, despite your knowledge, let’s not ignore the obvious: the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of crypto markets makes a 95% success rate impossible!

What should also be present, and was, unfortunately, missing from TokenTact, is a certain focus on risk management and adaptability to market conditions. The people behind it have created a tool that lives in a parallel universe where the crypto markets are very predictable.

Aside from the things already mentioned and still missing, TokenTact also promises to complete all tasks quickly and securely. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I would say that this trading bot has failed here as well.

 Here’s my deeper take on TokenTrust. 

My Overall Thoughts on TokenTact

Quick Facts:

  • Name: TokenTact
  • Type: Crypto Trading Bot
  • Year of Launch: 2024
  • Official Website: Multiple domains 
  • Supported Exchanges: Limited Information
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BTCUSD, LITE, XRP, BTCEUR

What Exactly is TokenTact?

My Experience with TokenTact

My Experience with TokenTact

It was a challenge right from the very beginning. For one thing, TokenTact has several websites. If you’ve ever tried any other suspicious crypto trading software, you know that’s a red flag. I decided to give it a try anyway and chose one that was at the top of the Google results.

Then there was another challenge. No matter how hard I tried to find guidelines for installing the bot, I failed. They were neither in the header menu nor on the landing page, practically nowhere. Only after a while, after looking through website texts, did I find the link to install the trading bot.

I followed the link, but imagine my disappointment when I realized that the link led to the Discord channel and I had to rely on a third-party guide to install and set it up. It was only after some time, when other problems arose, that I found out that the people who helped me install the bot were both my unfortunately non-functioning Portofio and customer support managers. But about that later.

After completing the installation, I returned to the website as the app was not user-friendly. There were also no instructions on how to use it. So I took a closer look at the website.

What I found was contradictory data, such as the TokenTact crypto trading bot being listed in different places on the website under different names, as if the people behind it had created multiple websites and just copy-pasted the information and forgot to change it in some places. There was also a spelling error, TokenTakt, which only reinforces the theory.

Then there were no testimonials. Only 2 paragraphs on the main page quoted TokenTact’s very rich and happy customers who have won and won again with the bot (which is not suspicious given the initial promise of a 95% win rate originally promised).

This got me wondering why there were no testimonials, so I went to Trustpilot and found only 5-star reviews. They all seem to be generic, ChatGPT, and contain no real details. On top of that, the accounts that wrote these reviews all only have one review on the platform. This is for TokenTact.

Finding no help, I returned to the TokenTact crypto trading software app. But nothing has really changed there. I couldn’t figure out how to fund my account. And there wasn’t even an option to contact customer service.

So I went back to the Discord channel and tried to contact the people who had helped me install the bot. After waiting about 10 hours, they didn’t come back with any answers.  

Then someone named John, my portfolio manager, came back and asked for a $100 deposit to start trading. When I asked how the withdrawals would work and if there was a test version of the algorithm, there was silence.

John seemed reluctant to address my concerns directly and instead stuck to his script.

John: “Rest assured that withdrawals are a breeze. And as for the trial, trust me, you won’t need it. We have countless satisfied customers who have benefited greatly from our service.”

His evasive maneuvers made me even more suspicious. It was clear that John was trying to persuade me to deposit without giving me any concrete information or reassurances.

Me: “I appreciate your enthusiasm, John, but I would feel more comfortable if I had more details about how the platform works. Can you explain the security measures that protect my investment?”

John: “Your investment is safe with us, but you need to act quickly. Opportunities like this don’t last forever. Deposit now, and you’ll see the profits within a few days.”

It was abundantly clear that John’s primary purpose was to pressure me into depositing money without addressing my concerns.

The lack of transparency and the urgency of his messages led me to believe that TokenTact was nothing more than a scam to take money out of the pockets of unsuspecting investors.

My Take on the Pros and Cons of TokenTact

What I Like About TokenTact

  • AI-driven strategies: The promise of advanced AI was great. But only as far as the short presentation was concerned. But even then, the execution of these strategies was not yet in place.

What I Don’t Like About TokenTact

  • Several websites: Raise concerns about legitimacy and support.
  • No official documentation: No references or data you can rely on.
  • Complicated setup: Not beginner-friendly, entrusted to third parties, no direct link
  • Opaque workflows: No way to track and manage trading. You will be set up with a portfolio manager/customer support manager who will keep you in the loop for several hours and hesitate on even basic concerns
  • Limited exchange compatibility: I couldn’t even find out which exchanges are supported, only finding that there are only two. Two limit the trading options.
  • No free trial period: no option to test strategies before execution.

Is TokenTact Safe?

Is TokenTact Safe?

When all the things I mentioned have piled up, I had no choice to conclude:  TokenTact is far from being a secure and trustworthy crypto trading software.

One of the most conspicuous red flags was the presence of multiple websites associated with TokenTact. This is actually a common practice among con artists luring beginner investors into losing money. Scammers often create a web of websites to make their operation seem larger and more credible than it actually is. 

Then again, there was the complete absence of official documentation or references, trustworthy reviews that I could rely on. In the cryptocurrency trading world, transparency is key. All legitimate platforms provide clear information about their strategies, technology, and security measures. TokenTact, however, left users in the dark, leaving us to rely on vague promises and unverified claims.

The setup process for TokenTact was complicated and shady. It’s very strange to rely on third parties to install trading bots. The absence of a direct link to the installation process on their website was another alarming sign. No legitimate platform would make it so challenging for users to get started.

Even after i completed all these complicated installation step, my concerns only grew. There was no clear way to track or manage my trades, and communication with my assigned portfolio manager, who also doubled as customer support, was a very frustrating experience. They often left me on read for several hours and were hesitant to address even basic concerns. This was nothing else than the tactic of scammers to make you deposit only because there’s no other option. 

My experience could be different if only there was a free trial period. Legit platforms often give you a try first, no funds needed.

TokenTact's insistence on an immediate deposit without the option to try the platform was just another red flag.

Considering the Alternatives

While it’s good to try out new bots and keep your options open, it’s not always worth the time, money and trust, as TokenTrust has shown. There are established bots like Coinrule, Bitsgap, Cryptohopper and 3Commas that you can try out. If you’re new to this space, I would recommend starting with these.

established bots like Coinrule, Bitsgap, Cryptohopper and 3Commas that you can try out

You will never get lost in the Coinrule interface. Coinrule allows traders to create and automate trading strategies even without coding skills. With multi-exchange support, Coinrule’s offerings are simply the best. Security is not neglected either, as it protects users’ funds and data.

Bitsgap stands out for its arbitrage trading features, which help users identify profit opportunities on different exchanges. If you’re far from that, there’s a vibrant community to share knowledge with and learn from. And my favorite: a demo trading feature that allows users to practice and refine their strategies in a risk-free environment.

Cryptohopper is the first choice for those who want to feel the community. Apart from its user-friendly interface, it offers a  marketplace for sharing and buying trading strategies. It also offers backtesting and regular updates to enhance the trading experience.

If you have been in crypto trading for a long time, you should try 3Commas. It offers tools such as Smart Trading and portfolio management across multiple exchanges. 3Commas has a good reputation in the crypto trading community and is especially popular for its educational materials.

In my opinion, all of these options are better alternatives, not just to TokenTact, but to all crypto trading bots out there. These alternatives have made a name for themselves in the cryptocurrency trading bot market providing security, ease of use and comprehensive support for traders of different experience levels.

Final Thoughts on TokenTact

Final Thoughts on TokenTact

In conclusion, TokenTact is a prime example of an unsafe cryptocurrency trading platform. The multiple websites, lack of official documentation, complicated setup, opaque workflows, limited exchange compatibility, absence of a free trial period, and the use of high-pressure tactics all point to an operation that should be approached with extreme caution.  And I could hardly find trustworthy information about this bot on the net. I wound’t recommend it.

If you’re looking for a complete and reliable crypto trading bot experience, you should try Coinrule, Bitsgap, Cryptohopper, or 3Commas instead. These platforms offer a secure, user-friendly, and efficient trading experience.


  • Previously worked in the arts, now specializes in covering crypto with an emphasis on DeFi, blockchain and mass adoption. Offers simple and clear writing, always looking for new ways to present information. Major in International Relations, minor in English, in a spare time reads postmodern literature, does yoga and watches movies.

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