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Telegram is a buzzing social media and messaging app that allows users to join groups on various themes and hang out with like-minded individuals. 

Especially lucky are those who are into cryptocurrency investing. Because Telegram holds immense value. 

Namely, it can be an extraordinary resource for those interested in turning ones and zeros into golden tickets to the future. Many knowledgeable crypto investors run crypto Telegram groups and are willing to share their know-how. Due to its popularity among crypto lovers, Telegram launched its TON coin.

You can even exchange crypto via TelegramBot.

Some will do it free of charge, while paid access to other groups offers worthy benefits. 

Either way, with good Telegram groups and their resident experts, you’ll get a treasure trove of up-to-date advice, news analysis, educational materials, or trading signals to make your wallet happy… 

Therefore, this article will examine the 10 best crypto Telegram groups that can make a difference in how you approach and earn when crypto trading. 

We’ve chosen them based on the significant value they provide and the unique qualities they possess while catering to different kinds of crypto audiences. 

How did we select Telegram groups for information and trading signals?

Our selection is based on several factors. These include the group’s activity level, the credibility and expertise of the group’s leaders, the track record of their trading signals, member feedback, and overall reputation in the crypto community.

We aim to create a comprehensive list that appeals to all crypto enthusiasts – from beginners to experienced traders.

But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to evaluate the groups yourself.

Aside: This scheme can be used to rate any list you find on the Internet.

How to evaluate a Telegram group?

  • Research the admin: check the background and credibility of the group’s admin.
  • Pay attention to group size and engagement: a larger, more engaged group often means valuable content.
  • Seek feedback: before joining, ask other members about their experiences.
  • Be wary of overpromising: Groups that promise unrealistic returns or ‘guaranteed’ profits are often not genuine.

It’s all clear now: buckle up, and let us introduce you to our list of crypto trading groups for information and trading signals.

1. Bitcoin Bullets

While it does post daily, the first of our picks, Bitcoin Bullets, clearly focuses on quality over quantity. 

This is exemplified by the 95% accuracy rate of its Binance trading signals! These are recommendations on just when to buy, sell, or hold certain coins.

This crypto Telegram group uses a crystal ball (ok, not really), technical and fundamental analysis to provide short-, mid-, and long-term trading prospects. 

Its market analysis is top-notch. Market developments, fear and greed index, and Binance statistics provide you with opportunities to learn about market sentiment and make informed decisions. 

It’s great for all kinds of traders, beginners or crypto veterans. Additionally, it provides excellent and very responsive customer support that will help you learn. 

However, those exceptional trading signals are reserved for VIP members. You’ll need to cash out 0.0075 BTC (220 USDT) monthly to get your hands on 1-2 daily calls, more in-depth info about the signals and buy-in advantage. 

As its insightful market analysis is free, you could use it with trading signals and analysis from other groups to make sound investments.

Exceptionally accurate Binance trading signals, making it a must-join for Binance users.

2. Cryptosignals

Next stop, Cryptosignals. As the name implies, this group is focused on trading signals, this time with an average accuracy rate of 82%. Generally speaking, it’s just the group for those who’d instead do minimal research and get clearly laid-out strategies for using signals. 

As newbies are often impatient and have a more challenging time following a long-term strategy, they’ll find it ideal that Cryptosignals focuses on day trading and short-term investing. Sometimes, it almost feels like Cryptosignals has cheat codes.

Their experts use AI, bots, and technical and fundamental analysis to make sense of market data and create minimum-effort signals. 

But that’s not all! Cryptosignals also provides a range of educational materials, tutorials, and the latest crypto news to keep you updated. 

However, the free version only gets three to five signals weekly. 

Suppose you pay a $42 monthly fee. In that case, you’ll get two to five signals daily and features such as portfolio allocation and risk-to-reward ratio – well worth it for those looking for something resembling a shortcut in crypto trading.

A premium destination among Telegram crypto groups for actionable and reliable crypto trading signals.

3. B2C Crypto

Among the most visited crypto platforms, Business to Community is a news site covering crypto, tech, business and finance. Its popularity showcases not just quality but a skill in crypto marketing. But the site also offers its own Telegram group.

Unlike most other groups, it’s run by a large team of experts, meaning there’s a lot of content on a diverse range of crypto topics. And you get different experts’ opinions on the same subject, which helps to avoid biases. It’s like a fantastic kids’ club of crypto at the group.

Apart from the price predictions, crypto reviews, general investment guides and other helpful materials, the team at B2C Crypto has a unique trick up its sleeve. 

Jacob Bury is working with the team as an influencer with quite a successful YouTube channel. Thanks to Bury, B2C Crypto was right about Tamadage, Wall Street Memes, AiDoge… 

Those who listened to the team’s advice made it big, but the non-initiated still have the chance to join and make top bucks on presales and newly launched coins. 

What’s more, the content of B2C Crypto’s Telegram group is entirely free for all. Way to go!

A proven track record of spotting breakout crypto projects before they go mainstream.

4. Learn2Trade

For those seeking crypto education, Learn2Trade is just the crypto school you need. Apart from news, how-to guides, and crypto reviews, it’s well-known for its courses on crypto and Forex. For $53 a month, you’ll get weekly live webinars and a 24/7 opportunity to chat with professional traders. 

But there are trading signals (free access gets you three signals per week, while VIP access gets you five daily), with a 79% success rate. 

Regarding technical analysis, the team uses more than 90 technical indicators (MACD, parabolic star, session volume, and more), whether for Bitcoin or altcoins and is excellent for short-term investing. 

There’s also fundamental analysis, giving you the chance to scope out promising projects in the long term, and other weekly market analyses, including the Bitcoin fear and greed index.

And with the team working 24/7, you can always be in the know-how on the latest developments to profit from.

A comprehensive learning platform for novice and experienced traders, providing an immersive learning experience with live webinars and chat opportunities with professional traders.

5. Wolf of Trading

Here’s another Telegram group to consider if you’re new to cryptocurrency trading. 

It provides straightforward instructions on trading decisions and offers personalized tips for members. If you want to learn, message the team and get professional advice and expert coaching. 

The group’s market analysis and analyses of current events can be valuable for members of all degrees of experience, especially for newbies, as they can learn what to consider when making short- and long-term decisions. We suggest paper trading at first to gain confidence in the group’s signals.

There are also expert trading signals that will have you howling at the moon with joy frequently. 

They’re based on the analysis of current events, the Bitcoin fear and greed index, general market analysis, and high-quality technical analysis involving trading volume, chart patterns, and support and resistance levels. 

As a huge bonus, the group is free, so you can start learning without cash.

An ideal learning ground for beginners in crypto trading, offering one-on-one advice and coaching.

6. LA Crypto Community

In contrast to other groups on our list that can be successfully utilized even by beginners, this one is best suited for the pros. 

Its tips and strategies involve high risk, so they’re not for the faint of heart or those who have yet to develop the proper ways of risk management.

Another of its distinguishing characteristics is that it’s inactive during the bear market due to the high-risk strategies requiring money flowing in the market to be profitable. But with the explosion of the Arbitrum ecosystem and Bitcoin gaining value, the LA Crypto Community is operating again with a flurry of helpful know-how.

LA Crypto Community is great for finding low-cap DeFi projects, with its speciality being yield farming that can make you significant profits in the bull market.

The good Samaritans there are always willing to point new members in the right direction. And guess what? All of this comes at no cost at all!

A platform designed specifically for experienced traders, offering high-risk but high-reward strategies.  

7. Wallstreet Queen Official

Run by the esteemed admin and Binance expert. While also dealing with less popular altcoins that promise to grow in the future, the Queen and her group primarily focus on high-leverage trading with Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The fairy godmother of crypto provides accurate trading signals. However, the group focuses more on technical than fundamental analysis. In other words, they’re based on technical indicators, chart patterns, support and resistance levels. 

Wallstreet Queen is great for mid to long-term trading, given that its signals are based on 4HR to 1D charts. 

Free access gets you news updates and analysis of relevant events impacting coin values, but premium signals are usually locked behind the $150 monthly paywall. Even queens need to eat.

A go-to destination for traders looking to maximize their leverage in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

8. NFT Signals

Just the group for those interested in trading NFTs. While non-fungible tokens aren’t as popular as once, there have been signs of resurgence, as trading volumes are increasing and new marketplaces are being opened. 

NFTs are evolving, with factors such as increasing adoption by mainstream artists and brands, diversifying opportunities, and infrastructure development. 

That said, it’s tricky to find the right ones to invest in – that’s where NFT Signals come into play! 

Combining technical analysis and market trends, NFT Signals offers a VIP pass to the hottest NFT parties in town, with at least five high-quality trading signals weekly. 

Both short-term and long-term traders will find what they need. You also get tips on new and upcoming NFTs, whether they were evident and well-marketed or not. 

With a paid subscription costing $56 monthly, you get at least five weekly signals, info about free mints, and instructions on obtaining whitelists for upcoming projects. Free access gets you less content, but it’s still quality.

High-quality NFT trading signals, making it an essential tool for anyone venturing into the NFT space.

9. Airdrop Alert

Airdrops can be excellent – you get free coins as part of the project’s promotional activity. To be eligible, you might need to hold specific crypto or perform other tasks, such as following crypto on Twitter or talking about it on TikTok. 

Still, it’s worth it for some free crypto unless… Unfortunately, there are many scams in this area. Therefore, this Telegram group could be just what you need, as it provides reliable info about upcoming airdrops. 

With so many new campaigns, it’s impossible to keep track of all, but this group covers the most promising projects, primarily those that have yet to leave their mark on the market. 

Distributions of tokens, listings on exchanges, airdrops, competitions – you name it, it covers it all. 

It’s free and well worth your time to help you avoid scammy projects and get some coins with minimum effort.

The ultimate source for those interested in capitalizing on promotional crypto airdrops, ensuring users never miss out on potential gains.

10. ICO Analytics

Resembling your favourite band selling presale concert tickets, ICOs, or initial coin offerings is a great way to get a hold of some coins at a low price before they’re officially launched. 

Why are they organized? Well, publicity, of course, and a financial boost to the project. 

These coins may also grant you a stake in the project or have some utility function about the project. 

But, just like with airdrops, there’s a high risk of scams.

That’s why ICO Analytics can be just what you need. It focuses on listings of new coins, ICOs (well-promoted or not), and presales. The group quickly makes announcements so that you can grab those juicy coins in time. 

Another feature is the list of projects venture capitalists have invested in. This can give you valuable insight into which coins could quickly surge in value. If you find, for example, that Coinbase Ventures has invested in Cashmere and Entropy, those could be your next purchase picks. 

To extend our music metaphor, it’s like getting backstage passes without burning a hole in your pocket, as the group is free.

Unfortunately, ICO Analytics doesn’t post daily, but it’s worth learning what they have to say when it does.

Provides timely updates on new coin listings, ICOs, and presales, allowing you to acquire coins at bargain prices before they hit the mainstream.


So, there you have it. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional interested in trading crypto coins or NFTs, airdrops or ICOs, you will find something valuable in the crypto Telegram groups we’ve chosen and get the info and knowledge you need without investing much time.

They’ll help you grow as a trader, identify investment opportunities, and keep your eye on the market more quickly. 

And even if you opt for free access, with careful combining of various groups’ benefits, you’ll see substantial benefits leading to making better trades. It’s well known that diversification is critical in crypto, but who knew it applied to Telegram groups, too? So, why not join some of them and up your game today?


Telegram groups provide valuable info, real-time updates, and insights. But as with any source of information, it’s vital that you look at it with a critical mind.

Always research, compare information, and remember that signals and tips can be helpful; they’re no substitute for personal due diligence.


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