How to Start a Crypto Casino

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic hit traditional casinos as most people started to avoid public places. This made crypto casinos more popular as they offer an online platform for gambling that can be done from the comfort of your home. This article contains the steps required to develop a crypto casino. 

What is a Crypto Casino?

What is a Crypto Casino

A crypto casino is an online gaming platform that enables you to stake and withdraw your winnings in cryptocurrencies. You can participate in the usual casino games at a crypto casino, like blackjack, slots, roulette, poker, etc.

In addition, cryptocurrencies operate via blockchain technology, an advanced ledger that ensures decentralized transactions at a crypto casino. Consequently, various crypto casinos also use blockchain technology to enhance secure transactions by differentiating legitimate and fake ones.

What Are the Features of a Crypto Casino?

Crypto Casino Features

Online crypto casinos have a wide range of impressive features. The most notable ones include the following:

  • Real-time chats

They boost engagements and allow gamblers to get along, share gaming ideas, and interact appropriately. You can outsource the real-time software from reliable service providers such as ProofHub. It is essential to have a customer support service of around four people to ensure that all problems that may arise are dealt with. 

  • Live dealer games 

Live dealer games are in high demand as they create an authentic casino atmosphere and make it even more enjoyable for users. They depend on a real person who deals in cards with a chip. A monitor is then used to keep track of game participants, hence having a low budgetary requirement. However, using an Application Programming Interface (API) will increase the number of casino users as it links two or more pieces of software. Crypto casinos can gather data and bonuses from already existing ones, thus improving service delivery and attracting more gamblers. We recommend the Kindred Casino Feeds API.

  • Random number generator

A random number generator system enables you to eradicate biases and maintain reliability and fairness in continual casino games. It uses an algorithm and a seed number to generate a random output. No external inputs or numbers are required. The most commonly used RNG is Pseudo-random number generators, used by major online casinos.

  • Multi-lingual support

Multilingual support offers an easy way of access and allows gamblers to access crypto casinos in the language of their own choice. For example, if a gambler wishes to access a crypto casino in Spanish, the multi-lingual system will enable this by translating the program. To attain this, an automated Neural Machine Translation, like Linguise, is essential. The subscription costs $45 per month, with the first month being offered for free.

  • KYC system

The KYC (know your customer) system helps to keep important information about gamblers and secures the platform. Therefore, you can implement KYC to enhance anonymity. This service can be outsourced from a provider such as Getid, whose pricing is €1.49 per verification. They also provide a 14-day free trial and have a customizable plan.

  • Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility 

When gambling, players tend to use different devices, i.e. phones, desktops, or tablets. Different browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera Mini, or Mozilla Firefox are also used. As a result, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility ensures a convenient experience for players, enabling them to participate in gambling regardless of their browser or device.

  • Leaderboards and achievement badges 

Leaderboards and achievement badges enhance players’ eagerness as they indicate the positions of the best players. In addition, such badges also enable players to identify each other through their gaming victories. Top crypto casinos use a simple leaderboard to rank the best players. The top players are awarded depending on their position on the leaderboard. 

Crypto Casino Development Process

Crypto Casino Development Process

To the average person, developing a crypto casino may sound like a hustle. However, developing one will be quite simple after going through this guide. In case you lack the necessary skills, you will be required to have a team of technicians to make this happen. Below, you’ll find all the stages of crypto casino development.

Research and Analysis Stage

It involves collecting and analyzing data about a project, its target market, and the recipient to discover more about the project’s needs and requirements. Consequently, it helps the crypto casino project team to acquire a proper understanding of project goals and objectives. 

It is mandatory to analyze competitors’ market shares, features, pricing, marketing strategies, pros and cons, and customer reviews. This information will help you learn the market expectations and ensure you meet them. 

In addition, there is also a technical part of this stage, which makes it possible for the project team to devise solutions on how to develop a crypto casino from a technical perspective. In this part, essential features such as an anti-fraud system are integrated. This feature’s main task is to prevent third parties from accessing the platform, thus making it safe and secure. Other problems that may arise and their solutions must be discovered at this stage to ensure a seamlessly operating crypto casino. 

The project team makes a technical plan based on the duration, budget investments, and analytical section outputs. The plan should contain project features, the chosen technology medium, architecture outline, budget, etc.

Graphic Design Stage

At this stage, the graphic designer creates visual content based on all analyzed data. The layout of the platform is handled at this stage. Designers have to ensure that the crypto casino is user-friendly and handles all the needs of its users. It also has to look appealing to players and be simple, hence easy to use. Appropriate content, such as photos, videos, and charts, is included at this stage. 

Development Stage

This is the primary stage of the entire process. A professional project manager usually conducts it. For better results, the project manager needs to be highly experienced and require a small team of technicians. This comes at an approximate cost ranging between $121,233 and $151,638. A good project manager will ensure positive relations between you and the entire creation. 

The development stage usually entails the following:

Crypto Casino Development Stage

Testing Stage

This is the final stage and is usually conducted to ensure that the system is operating as efficiently as expected. It entails evaluating various aspects such as casino security, compatibility, functionality, usability, and reliability. In addition, the testing stage will also allow you to ensure that your crypto casino is set for launch.

Legal Requirements

Licensing is a vital factor when planning to start your crypto casino, as it will ensure that your casino is legitimate and safe for players. To acquire a license, you must reach out to gambling authorities such as the MGA, Curacao, etc.

However, there are no specific requirements for obtaining a crypto casino license, because most authorities haven’t yet declared crypto gambling legal or illegal.

Best Cryptocurrencies for Online Crypto Casinos

Best Cryptocurrencies for Online Crypto Casinos

Some of the popular cryptocurrencies accepted at various online crypto casinos include:

  • Bitcoin. The original and most famous cryptocurrency. In addition, it provides quick transactions and minimum fees, making it an excellent choice for various online crypto casinos.
  • Solana. One of the top blockchain businesses, Solana’s blockchain is extremely quick and can process many transactions per second. In addition, the platform itself received much support from the NFT space. As a result, Solana is seen as having one of the highest potentials among cryptocurrencies. Casinos frequently take advantage of the popularity of this cryptocurrency by accepting Solana as a form of payment.
  • USDT. The most widely used cryptocurrency at the moment is USDT, or Tether. This cryptocurrency was created using the Bitcoin blockchain and the Omni protocol. A 1:1 correlation exists between the price of USDT and the value of U.S. dollars. One of the advantages of using USDT, especially in online casinos, is that they operate outside of conventional banking systems and its approval has been made easy. USDT was developed to ensure transparency, stability, and affordable transaction fees.
  • Ripple. The main components of Ripple are two products. A highly efficient cryptocurrency is the first. You can purchase Ripple on many of the top cryptocurrency markets. Its symbol is XRP. The second item is a financial clearinghouse system called Ripple xCurrent that runs on the blockchain. Since the quick waiting time necessary to settle the transaction is one of Ripple’s top advantages, many people still use it to conduct transactions in casinos today.
  • Litecoin. This coin is usually compared to Bitcoin as it also provides similar benefits, such as fast transactions and low fees. So, most crypto players often use Litecoin as one of the best crypto coins.
  • USDC. This is a stablecoin, a sort of digital currency that combines the benefits of cryptocurrencies with the stability of fiat currencies. It almost always has the same value as the U.S. dollar, so one USDC is equivalent to one USD. It is more common in online casinos, where players who are interested in cryptocurrency but wary of its volatile value are using it.
  • Bitcoin Cash; This is a Bitcoin subsidiary that provides a quicker and secure transaction process with lower fees. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for online crypto gaming.

Benefits of a Crypto Casino

Benefits of a Crypto Casino

Gambling on an online crypto casino has various benefits. Some of them include the following;

It Enhances Confidentiality and Anonymity 

The player’s personal and payment information is confidential. Therefore, a crypto casino ensures that there’s no tracing of players’ activities or transactions, as they don’t need to provide bank details to deposit or withdraw funds. 

In addition, most crypto casinos allow players to start playing without signing up, which enhances anonymity. So, online crypto casino operators can’t know who is gambling on their sites.

Less or no Transaction Costs

Some online crypto casinos don’t charge transaction costs, and those casinos usually charge less than the ones using fiat payment methods. That’s because there are no third parties involved, such as financial institutions, so the players do not incur additional costs for making deposits or withdrawing funds.

Ease of Accessibility

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity across the world. Anyone can access them anytime and gamble at an online crypto casino they choose. In addition, players can convert their winnings into any known currency, for example, the player’s national currency.

Low Deposit Limits

Online crypto casinos offer low deposit limits as compared to traditional casinos. Therefore, they attract more players to gamble at these casinos, as players find them more convenient and reliable.

Fast Payments

Online crypto casinos enhance fast payments and deposits, unlike traditional casinos, where most players usually experience payment delays, lowering their morale to gamble at such casinos.


Most crypto casinos have reliable security in place that third parties or hackers cannot easily breach. Therefore, this allows the players to have a secure gaming experience at various crypto casinos.


How Does an Online Crypto Casino Operate?

An online crypto casino allows players to place deposits and withdraw their winnings via cryptocurrencies. Therefore, players can use various cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, to secure and play games of their choice.

Are Online Crypto Casinos Secure?

Yes, online crypto casinos are more secure than traditional casinos. However, not all online crypto gaming platforms are convenient and reliable. Therefore, most legitimate crypto casino sites usually obtain licenses from gambling authorities such as the MGA, Curacao, etc.

What Is the Impact of Cryptocurrencies in Online Casinos?

Cryptocurrencies have a wide range of impacts on online casinos. Therefore, using them at any online crypto casino enables players to initiate quick and secure transactions. In addition, cryptocurrencies also enhance transparency in online casinos.


Starting an online crypto casino can be very demanding, but it’s an impressive move. Therefore, you can hire a team of professional developers to develop an appropriate plan and budget in order to start your crypto casino efficiently. The team will ensure the smooth handling of the entire casino development process. In addition, crypto casinos provide various benefits to players, such as enhanced security and fast payments. 


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