Euler Finance exploiter returns 90% stolen funds

The decentralized lending platform that was exploited for $200 million in a flash loan attack on March 13 has received all “recoverable funds,” Euler Finance tweeted last night.

Euler Labs added that the $1 million reward campaign previously launched for information about the hacker’s identity and whereabouts was canceled because “the exploiter did the right thing and returned the funds.”

Last week, the Euler hacker returned a large portion of the funds: 51,100 ether, or $90 million, back to the Euler team.

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The attacker returned $31 million on Monday, including 10,580 ETH worth $19 million and $12 million in DAI. This brings the total amount of funds recovered to over $177 million, accounting for 90% of the expected funds recovered from the hack. This calculation took into account the 10% bounty that the project had previously offered.

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The event signals a positive outcome not just for Euler Finance but the entire DeFi space, as it was the sixth-largest hack in history, and the hacker, who had previously sent mixed messages, was even suspected to be a part of the North Korean hacking group responsible for the Ronin Bridge attack.

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