Uniswap launches NFT aggregator

Uniswap Labs announced the launch of an NFT aggregator, which allows trading NFTs from partnering marketplaces within the decentralized exchange.

Now live on Uniswap, users can find listed NFTs from OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, Sudoswap, Larva Labs, Foundation, NFT20, and NFTX. The new feature primarily focuses on those who aim to trade across marketplaces, simultaneously providing better prices due to the in-app comparative feature.

According to the blog post, Uniswap provides up to 15% reduced floor prices. Powered by the new open-source Universal Router contract, Uniswap aggregator can save users a relatively considerable amount in gas fees compared to other marketplaces.

Uniswap welcomed new users by suggesting a gas rebate from Nov 30 to Dec 14. The first 22.000 users will get a discount for the first transaction via the application:

The first 22,000 distinct wallets that purchase an NFT during this promotional period will qualify for a rebate on their first transaction. Partial transactions in which users successfully purchase some, but not all, NFTs are eligible for rebates. Failed transactions are not eligible. The gas rebate is capped at 0.01 ETH.

🔸If a user spends 0.01 ETH or less in gas, their transaction is fully covered.

🔸If a user spends more than 0.01 ETH on gas, they’ll receive a 0.01 ETH rebate for that transaction.

As previously reported, Uniswap Labs acquired the Genie NFT market aggregator, stating it will integrate NFTs into Uniswap products, allowing users to buy NFTs directly from the Uniswap web application.

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Uniswap Labs adds:

We are distributing approximately 5 million USDC to certain historical Genie users to show our gratitude to longtime Genie users and welcome them into the Uniswap community. Based on a snapshot taken on April 15, 2022 at 00:00 UTC, we’ve created two tiers for recipients:

🔸The $300 tier is available to wallets that completed more than one transaction before the snapshot.

🔸The $1,000 tier is available to wallets that held the Genie:Genesis NFT as of the snapshot.


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