Cornix crypto trading software review
Automated crypto trading bot Cornix
One of the best on the market. Copy trading signals from carefully selected Telegram/Discord channels and make profits effortlessly.

Whats good and bad


Quality trading signals
Easy UX
14 day free trial
Great security
Supported by top crypto exchanges


No guarantees

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, as is interest in them. The threshold you think you need to meet to become a trader is actually not as high as you think. Anyone can be a trader. Especially when we consider automated trading software, like the tried and tested bots we’ve covered in detail in previous articles (see Coirule, Bitsgap, Cryptohopper, and others).

Of course, you can also simply trade with these bots. However, we always have our finger on the pulse of the industry and like to try out new things, especially to test them for the promises they all like to make, but the traders with their reviews are there to find out – can they deliver?

One of these new pieces of software I came across is Cornix crypto bot. It immediately won me over with the simplicity and ease of its promises. They say automated trading is for everyone, no matter a novice or a pro you are, you can choose from thousands of Cornix bot strategies, trade on top crypto exchanges like Bybit, Binance, Huobi, Bitmex and more. All with no hidden fees and a 24/7 support team as icing on the cake.

No one promises you 5000 dollars profit in the first few hours, so the promises made by the Cornix bot right off the bat don’t sound too good to be true. What Cornix has actually done is offer a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card.

Trust is also amplified by the star reviews on trusted review platforms like Trustpilot, which have an average score of 4.4. But let’s save all those details for later.

Let’s dive into each of the promises of this Cornix autotrading bot, accompanied by reviews and our own trial during these 14 days.

I hope this review helps you find your way around crypto trading, especially automated trading.

What is Cornix bot?

What is Cornix bot

Cornix trading bot is a go-to platform for traders who prefer automated trading or want to try it out. This platform offers a sleek way to implement crypto trading signals directly from your smartphone or desktop and easily connect your crypto exchange accounts (either via API keys or by simply clicking on the corresponding exchange icon, such as Bybit or Binance).

How does Cornix trading work?

Unlike traditional methods that require constant monitoring, including manual trading software, the Cornix bot follows Telegram/Discord channels for trading signals created by experienced traders, allowing you to lock in profits and minimize losses.

You can also try another strategy, within the same Cornix bot platform, which is to copy a DCA bot. Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment (buying) strategy where the total amount to be invested is split between different purchases to lower the buying cost and reduce the impact of volatility on the overall investment.

No matter which strategy you choose, you can always go back to the previous step or/and add more trading methods or follow other trading channels later.

Since the Cornix bot gives you 14 days to try out the platform, you’re sure to be ready after the trial period ends. And another great thing about the bot is that there’s a lot of educational material that sits alongside non-everyday vocabulary, like this DCA bot above. Conrix makes sure that everyone is on the same boat. After all, the trading bot platform believes that trading is for everyone and aims to develop a robust crypto platform without compromising on ease of use so that even inexperienced users can automatically copy the signals of successful traders.

Cornix auto trading explained: Telegram signals and DCA bot

Cornix auto trading explained: Telegram signals and DCA bot

Once you’ve signed up to try the bot and connected your crypto exchange account (more on this later in the “How do I connect my exchange?” section), Cornix gives you the option to choose a trading method: Follow a group or copy a DCA bot. Don’t worry; as said, you have 14 free days to try either way, and you can also choose an additional trading method later on. Here is an overview of both methods:

Where do you want to start with cornix

1. Follow a Group

By choosing the “Follow a group” automated trading method, you will follow/copy trading signals* of the Telegram/Discord channels you choose manually at the next stage. By choosing this method, you get:

  • Automatically Copy Expert Traders.
  • Multiple Symbols & Trading Strategies.
  • Opens new trades the moment Signals are published.

The trading signal is the channel’s recommendation on which targets to use for buying and selling a particular cryptocurrency. The signal can be based on several factors, e.g. technical analysis, the latest news and rumors and the market situation. The signal is published on the channel and is theoretical.

You can follow signals supported by Cornix either manually by using one of the “Follow” buttons on the platform or by activating automatic trading for the channel whose signals you want to follow. Following a signal means that a trade with the details of the signal will be created for you on your connected account. The signal can be published with additional advanced trading settings such as a stop-loss limit order, conditional trailing orders and others.

Follow a Group

2. Copy a DCA bot

Cornix smart DCA bots will start buying at market price and then will keep on purchasing as the price decreases. The bot will sell at a profit when the price increases, or in loss if the stop-loss was reached and will start a new trading cycle every time a trade is closed (reached take profit or stop-loss).

If you choose this strategy, you’ll get:

  • Buy Low, Sell High, Automatically.
  • A wide variety of proven Bots.
  • Designed to succeed no matter the market conditions.
Copy a DCA bot

Cornix auto trading reviews on Trustpilot

Conrnix is a verified company on the trusted peer review platform Trustpilot. The platform has an average TrustScore of 4.4 stars. Although most of the reviews are positive (90%), there are also some negatives, but Cornix checks these frequently. Here are some of the latest reviews:

Daniil Lebedev

Date of experience: February 21, 2023

I have more than a year experience with…CornixI have more than a year experience with Cornix, mostly use Tradingview bots with webhooks via Cornix.
All amount of settings you can use with Cornix are more than enough for successful trading, prices are fair enough and whole support team (24/7) are very kind and help with each type of question.
They already optimise and add more features, i’m very happy to find service like this!


Date of experience: March 27, 2024

Fantastic application and very friendly…Fantastic application and very friendly and professional support! Always helping out!

A Dani

Date of experience: November 08, 2023

Cornix doens’t have responsibilty at all they pinned scammy channels
i got deceived by reviews added about (DEGENPUMP crypto channel ) . it’s just taking one day only one day to melt my whole account
cornix should review this channel in thier marketplace to keep it reliable and safe for us

How to get started with the Cornix crypto bot?

How to get started with the Cornix crypto bot?

How to create an account on Cornix?

How to create an account on Cornix?

1. Go to the official Cornix website (Use our Cornix promo code, and get a 10% discount on annual subscriptions).
2. Fill in your name and email
3. Create a strong password
4. Click on “Register”
5. Go to your email and provide a 6-digit code to Cornix

Then you need to connect your favorite exchange account. You can do it via Quick Connect function if you’re exchange is Bybit or Binance, for example. Or you can do it manually via API keys.

How to use API keys to connect your exchange to Cornix?

How to use API keys to connect your exchange to Cornix?

An API is an acronym for Application Programmatic Interface which is basically the functions and procedures by which two applications (or two pieces of software) can talk to each other. API keys will allow Cornix to programmatically perform actions on your behalf in your crypto exchange account (Binance, ByBit, etc).

If you don’t have a Bybit account yet, here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to create one: How to register an account on Bybit

So here’s how you can connect to Bybit with API keys:

1. Login to ByBit
2. Click on the user icon in the upper right corner
3. Click “API” and then “Create New Key”
4. Choose the ‘Connect to Third-Party Applications’
5. select “Cornix” in the Application name dropdown
6. Select the ‘Read-Write’ permissions
7. Select “Orders” and “Positions” under Contracts
8. Click “Submit” and Enter your 2FA code
9. Copy & Paste the API Key and Secret key

How to sign up for Cornix crypto Telegram bot?

If you have opted for the “Follow a group” trading method (see the info in “Cornix autotrading explained: Telegram signals and DCA bot”), you must connect your Telegram account to add and follow trading signals from groups.

connect telegram cornix

You need to get your UUID to connect to Telegram. UUID is a unique identifier that helps Cornix to verify and connect your Telegram account.

1. Click “Get UUID”
2. Click “Give me a UUID” or send /connect_web command to @cornix_trading_bot

cornix trading bot telegram

3. Enter this UUID back on the website
4. Verify Telegram account and enter 6 digit code from Cornix Trading Bot

Cornix trading plans

cornix trading plans

Cornix prices vary if you decide to pay per month or a whole year in advance. Annually you get a 33% discount, that’s 4 months free. The price per month varies from $24.9 for the Starter package, $44.9 for the Advanced package and $89.9 for the Premium package. Prices get way cheaper if you pay annually. Here’s a breakdown of the features that in each type of package:

Starter package:

  • Unlimited Active Manual Trades
  • 2 Active Signal Trades
  • 1 Auto-Trading Groups
  • 2 Active Signals Bots
  • 2 Active Grid Bots
  • 2 Active DCA Bots
  • 2 Active TradingView Bots
  • 1 Primary API Slots

Advanced package:

  • Unlimited Active Manual Trades
  • 10 Active Signal Trades
  • 2 Auto-Trading Groups
  • 5 Active Signals Bots
  • 3 Active Grid Bots
  • 5 Active DCA Bots
  • 3 Active TradingView Bots
  • 2 Primary API Slots

Premium package:

  • Unlimited Active Manual Trades
  • Unlimited Active Signal Trades
  • Unlimited Auto-Trading Groups
  • Unlimited Active Signals Bots
  • Unlimited Active Grid Bots
  • Unlimited Active DCA Bots
  • Unlimited Active TradingView Bots
  • 3 Primary API Slots

As already mentioned, you don’t have to decide on the package immediately. After setting up an account and decided on your preferred trading method, you can get to know the platform with the demo version, which you can use free of charge for 14 days.

Cornix demo version

Cornix demo version

To make the most out of 14 demo days, Cornix bot suggests completing 5 steps, which are:

  1. Enable Auto-Trading. You need to create a signals bot
  2. Create your First Trade. Start trading with Cornix.
  3. Connect Another Exchange. Learn how to create another account
  4. Explore the Marketplace. Browse Signals Group that have integrated with Cornix and requested to be a part of our Marketplace.
  5. Explore the Public Bots. Explore proven public bots and copy one with ease.

There is plenty of learning material for each step, and you can request support at any time with just one click. (In case you haven’t read between the lines yet: The UX of the demo version is so sleek and great, I’m just a fan!)

Cornix bot supported exchanges

Cornix bot supported exchanges

Cornix is supported by the world’s leading exchanges. You can connect either of those with just one click or manually incerting API keys. The proccess was discussed above in “How to use API keys to connect your exchange to Cornix?” section.

Is Cornix bot safe?

To anticipate: Yes, Cornix is secure because the bot uses encrypted keys, 2FA, whitelisting and other measures to protect your money. But if by this question you mean that you want to be safe from losses, then the answer is no. No financial instrument of this kind would promise you that you won’t suffer losses. If they promise you that, you should run in a different direction. Even the best signals and bots cannot guarantee profits. Manage the risk accordingly. Given that Cornix acts like a telegram bot, and you can follow trading signals of other experts though the platform, those channels should not be treated as a recommendation in any way. Cornix can be integrated easily and by any channel, therefore they highly recommend checking and reviewing channels carefully before subscribing.

Cornix customer support

Cornix support is great not only because it’s available around the clock, but because the team is 100% committed to it. You can expect a quick response to your questions at any time.

Here are some of the key features of Cornix customer support:

  • They provide excellent, high-paced, personalized support to their users and partners while understanding their needs and ensuring their satisfaction.
  • They investigate technical issues, identify, reproduce and report bugs to the development team until resolution.
  • They serve as the liaison between the customers and their product team, while gathering customers’ feedback and feature requests to shape and improve their product.

Final thoughts

Cornix crypto bot does deliver on its promises, which are:

  1. Anyone can trade crypto. All people trading with this auto crypto bot have access to a user-friendly crypto trading platform.
  2. Safety is their #1 priority. Every trader gets a secure platform esuring that their hard-earned money is protected.
  3. Knowledge is shared. Cornix empowers novices to copy expert traders in just a few clicks.


Does cornix bot have a trial version?

Yes, Cornix offers a 14-day free trial period where you can try out different trading methods, add strategies, connect to the marketplace, learn a lot about trading and contact customer service at any time.

Which exchanges work with cornix bots?

How much does cornix cost?

The cost varies from the package you choose. From a Starter pack for $24.9/monthly or $16.6/annualy, to a Premium for $89.9/montly or $59.9/annualy.

Is cornix trading bot safe?

Yes, Cornix is secure because the bot uses encrypted keys, 2FA, whitelisting and other measures to protect your money.

Does cornix bot work with binance?

Yes, Cornix can be connect to you Binance and Binance Futures accounts.


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